Best Coffee Athens Greece? I Polled The Locals For You

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I saw a lot of you were searching for the best coffee in Athens, and I wanted to write a little guide. There’s one problem, though: I don’t drink coffee!

When it comes to my Greek culture speciality, coffee shops are not at the top of the list. So as someone who doesn’t know their flat whites from their mochas I took to social media to ask the Greeks for their opinions on the Athens coffee scene.


Let’s talk coffee! What’s the best Greek coffee brand and where serves the best coffee in Athens? #athensgreece #greekcoffee #athenscafes #greeksontiktok #greecetravel #remoteworklife

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And the results are in. So in no particular order…

Top Tip for Finding the City’s Best Coffee

The best tip I was given was “try Greek coffee at any local kafenio. More elderly inside the merrier.” I think that advice will stand you in good stead for a coffee anywhere in the country.

However, you might find some of these feel a bit “locals only, please”, so here are some specific places you can try.

P.S. I made you a Google Maps list you can see if you click the image☝🏻

Best for Traditional Greek Coffee

These are the best places in Athens for a version of the traditional drink.

Cherchez La Femme

I did a food tour of Athens, and we went to Cherchez La Femme because they said it’s one of the best coffee shops for traditional Greek coffee.

It’s a great place to know about because it’s in the centre of Athens, close to Ermous Street, just near the Cathedral.

They make very strong, old-fashioned Greek coffee in the traditional way. Once everyone had finished, our tour guide told someone’s fortune based on the dregs, much like people do when reading tea leaves.

Cups of strong coffee served with Loukoumi sweets at Cherchez La Femme

This is a cosy “kafeneion” with a real bistro feel. They have quite a bit of seating outside, too, and it’s always busy. I’ve heard the food’s good, so have brunch with your coffee or try out the stuffed vine leaves.


Mokka Coffee borders the Central Market, so you can visit that for some culinary souvenirs. Just be mindful of where you choose to sit if you don’t want a view of dead animal carcasses! (The Central Market experience is a bit intense.)

Mokka Specialty Coffee sells a variety of Greek, and other, speciality coffees directly from producers with fully traceable products.

They’ll serve you a traditional Greek coffee from a briki with some loukoumi to sweeten the deal. They also have modern coffee if your party wants a variety.

Best for Modern Coffee

For modern coffee enthusiasts, there are several places in the city centre to get excellent coffee. 


As well as serving fantastic coffee, Carpo has lots of lovely gift chocolates, honey and nuts.

You’ll find several branches in the city. They include spots in Kolonaki, Glyfada and within Attica department store, which is the perfect place to stop and sip coffee if you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped.

🛍️See this post for the best shopping in the capital.

Dope Roasting Co.

Another of the modern coffee shops that was packed with locals when I went is Dope. It feels cosy and trendy and looks like a good spot to work from your laptop. They also have quite a lot of outdoor seating.

By all accounts, the flat white is a winner and the baked goods are popular too.

ANANA Coffee & Food

This vegetarian/vegan spot came up for their coffee, and it was certainly busy when I walked past. It’s a great spot if you’re looking for veggie food somewhere central. The decor is kind of trendy 1950’s and they have outdoor seating spaces too.

Cupaki Street Espresso

This was mentioned in my video comments as a good place for espresso, and the Google Maps reviews certainly back up the vote.

The barista was friendly when I went, and the place looked quite stylish and modern. The sandwiches and cakes seem popular here, too.

Taf Coffee

Taf Coffee is a friendly well-run little cafe with a good variety of products. It’s right next door to Cupaki. The team know their stuff, and if you’re an enthusiast, they’ll geek out with you on all their options. Their cakes looked really delicious, too.


I didn’t go here but I happened to notice it on Google Maps after I’d visited the two places above. Motiv is just along the road from Cupaki and Taf so take your pick.

They have excellent reviews, and I like that someone cares enough to respond to the online reviews, too. Take your pick from these three neighbours and see which is your favourite.

Motiv seems to be popular for both its coffee and its food.

Samba Coffee Roasters

Another of the best cafes in the heart of the city is Samba. This was also mentioned more than once as somewhere to get the perfect coffee from expert baristas.

This is a very small cafe that really only has outdoor seating. But if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, it’s worth passing by. 

​Cultivos Coffee Shop

There’s a branch of Cultivos on a pretty little pedestrian street in Kolonaki. It’s lined with places to eat and drink and when I wandered past at Christmas, the whole place was lit up with twinkling fairy lights.

It’s just a small coffee shop, and most of the seating is outside. But the team are friendly, and customers say the coffee taste is good and consistent.

If you happen to be in Exarchia at Cookoomela Grill – to sample the best vegan gyros in town, no less – then you’re about five-minute’s walk from another branch Cultivos.

This one also has friendly staff, and it’s a bit bigger. It seems like a good place for digital nomads to hang out and do some work.

Best for Everyday Coffee on the Go

Away from the speciality coffee shops, the Coffee Berry chain was mentioned several times for decent coffee. They’re all over the city centre, so run in there for your everyday Freddo Cappuccino.

Best in the Suburbs

If you’re staying outside of the centre, then these are the best for coffee culture in the suburbs.

The Rabbit Punch at Pangrati is known for its speciality coffee and is in fact owned by the 2019 Runner-Up of the World Barista Championships!

Kick Cafe at Kypseli was mentioned in my poll more than once.

Kudu Coffee Roasters at Neo Psychiko also has excellent Greek coffee.

Foyer Espresso Bar in Pangrati comes highly recommended, too.

Best to Take Home

Lumidi Coffee Roasters

Loumidis was also nominated in my poll for their great coffee, and I can see why. The branch in the heart of Athens is at Omonia, and the focus is definitely on the retail aspect. But there’s a coffee bar where you can also stop for a takeaway coffee.

Their traditional shop is packed full of sweet treats and other things you’ll want to take home as souvenirs, not least their Greek coffee.

A word of warning, though, they don’t seem very warm towards English speakers. Luckily, I was able to ask for what I wanted in Greek, but just be ready for that.

In terms of Greek coffee, there are all sorts, including those with mastic hazelnut and cardamom aromas. You can pick the coffee beans you want, and they’ll prepare them to your liking. And the company has helpful videos on their site about how to make Greek coffee that you can follow along.

So you’re all set to use the beans to make coffee at home in the time-honoured way. They demonstrate how to make your coffee in a briki (traditional coffee pot which they sell), filter or French press. So you’ll be an expert at making Freddo espresso in no time!

If you run out of time to get to this branch, they have a couple in Piraeus as well as at Athens Airport.

​More Greek Food and Drink

Away from the Athens speciality coffee scene, there’s more food and drink to explore. Check out this post about the famous mountain tea from Greece.

If you’re ready for something stronger, I also have this one about alcoholic drinks in general and this one specifically about Greek beers.

For the city’s best gyros check out this guide. For a unique dining experience, check out Dinner in the Sky. Or read about the popular Strofi restaurant and its Acropolis view.

More Info About Athens

Once you’re done drinking coffee, check out all the best things you can do around the city at night.

Here are the best things to do around the airport if you have time to spare there. As well as the ideal hotels to stay close to Athens International.

Best Coffee Athens Greece? I Polled The Locals For You

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