Hi I’m Suzie, Brit in Greece. Welcome to Greek Island Bucket List, an authentic Greece travel blog where I only talk about places I’ve actually been to.

(Yes, lots of travel sites write their posts from other internet sources without actually going to the places. And that inaccurate info has left me in a pickle as a traveller more than once!

The exceptions on this site are hotels and restaurants where I signpost you to favourites recommended by me and/or a combination of others like local accommodation owners and other tourists.)

I’ve been involved in the travel industry in one way or another for many years. My first job was as a dancer on a cruise ship, and I also worked in several Mediterranean hotels. Much of my background has been in operations management, creating manuals and guides and dealing with logistics, as well as leading humans. Before moving to Greece, I worked for an award-winning team at Sonder, the world’s #1 most innovative travel company of 2019 (Fast Company).

My travel stories and experiences have been featured in The Daily Mail, Greek Reporter, TrustedHousesitters and LADbible, amongst others. I write guest posts about Greece for other travel sites, and over on Instagram and TikTok, my Greece travel tales have been viewed more than 3 million times.

Life in Greece

In 2020, I decided it was time to cross off number nine on my 50-before-50 bucket list: go Greek island-hopping. Little did I know doing so would change my life. I ended up living in Naxos and gaining Greek residency status during lockdown.

Since then, I’ve lived on several islands while working remotely, including Paros, Andros and Tinos. I’ve visited several more as a solo traveller, and it didn’t take long for island-hopping to spawn into a whole bucket list of its own. I want to visit all the inhabited islands. Every time I read about a new one, I want to go!

After visiting so many places and seeing the questions others asked in travel groups, I started this blog. My goal Is to build a one-stop shop for all the information you’d need to put together your own trip.

I’d love to have you along on my quest while I venture around the country and report back with my findings. Organising a Greek island hopping trip can feel daunting at the start. But I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be.

As the Greeks always tell me, Greece is more than just the islands. And it’s true. At the end of 2022, I swapped my goat neighbours for the hustle and bustle of city life in Athens. (Well, the suburbs, anyway, I can never be too far from nature!)

Coming from the UK, where it seems only the islands and city breaks to Athens are marketed, I’m enjoying becoming an expert traveller of the mainland as well.

What to Expect

In addition to all things Greek, you’ll also find Turkish travel content here. I know a lot of you like to combine a trip to Turkey with your visit to Greece. Well, with the two countries an hour away from each other, why not? Plus, I love going there. The people are gentle and friendly, and the country’s large and diverse.

I’m big on nature, wellness, quality experiences, and adventure, both soft and hard, but not usually anything extreme. I’m not really a budget traveller, but I do love a bit of barefoot luxury. So you can expect to hear about those things on the blog as well as the usual tourist attractions.

Oh, and expect to hear about cats, too. They’re something of a special interest, which is just as well since kitties are pretty prolific in both Turkey and Greece. (Fun fact: I actually have a Diploma in Feline Behaviour & Psychology.)

So please, take all the info you need to make your own magical Greek adventure. My goal is to help you navigate the favourite tourist spots while signposting you to off-the-beaten-path places and experiences. I want to show how you can immerse yourself in culture and take all the logistics in your stride.

My content is especially aimed at solo, nervous or first-time travellers to Greece and Turkey, although I hope to see you come back time and time again to discover new places in each country.

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