Athens Dinner in The Sky Restaurant Experience Review

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Have you heard about the Dinner in the Sky Athens experience? It’s a “multi-awarded extraordinary culinary proposal” 40 meters above the ground with unparalleled views of the city.

Being suspended from a great height isn’t usually how I like spending my time. But this is quite a unique experience in Athens for amazing, unobstructed views of the beautifully illuminated Acropolis.

And it’s an amazing option for a special occasion, a romantic dinner date or a special dinner to celebrate your solo trip to Greece. The people next to me were on their honeymoon, and the ladies on the other side were a mother and daughter celebrating a birthday.

Floating dinner in the sky platform on the ground before the event

Dinner in the Sky restaurant from the ground

Dinner in the sky with platform elevated on the crane

and in the air

What It’s Like Dining in the Sky

This is truly one of the best restaurants in Athens. Some restaurants you go to for the food, others you basically just pay for the view. But at Dinner in the Sky, both are fantastic. The food was really amazing.

I was somewhat apprehensive about spending the whole time in the air, and in the event, I WAS quite scared. (Honestly, the things I do to make Google like this blog!) But the time went quite quickly and after about an hour in I relaxed a tiny bit.

Anyway, you’re strapped in with a safety harness to a chair that looks like a video gaming seat. It’s a rotating seat, so you can move about to get the perfect selfie. It also reclines so you can see the stars although I certainly wasn’t brave enough to use that function!

Dinner in the sky seats with harnesses
Side of floating platform with one guest reclining seat all the way back

Someone else demonstrating the reclining chair

There were three team members on the platform with us, plus a safety manager who oversaw everything and another person who stayed behind on the ground.

There was a chef who prepped the dishes and cooked with the oven within the platform. And another lady helped with food prep and collected and packed the dirty plates. All of them were friendly, calm and reassuring. They were very efficient with the food, and everything ran swiftly and smoothly.

Dirty dishes and view of the platform at the end of the experience

The Food

The food is traditional Greek with a modern twist. The main menu includes shrimp saganaki, slow cooked beef fillet and chocolate tart, amongst other delights.

The vegetarian and vegan options include spinach lasagne and if you have kids, there’s also a 5 dish children’s menu with a mini beef burger.

Beautifully presented shrimp dish
Salmon with quails egg and lemon pearls

This salmon dish was my absolute favourite; the flavours were insane! Those pearls are made from lemon which blew my mind.

Chocolate tart desert with strawberry and edible flower

​Part of the 6-course menu

Place setting and bottles of Greek wine

Some of the delicious Greek wines available to us

Chocolate tarts being plated up to serve

The amazing food being prepped in front of us.

Athens dinner in the sky menu

This is the menu we got to enjoy

The View

You can see from the pictures how great the view is. The table rotates slowly throughout the evening so everyone can enjoy the panoramic views. I was right on the corner of the table, so I had a good clear view.

You can see the whole of the historic city, including beyond. If you choose the earlier time slots, you can see the sea and the surrounding mountains better.

Suzie's profile as she looks at the Acropolis (while gripping the table)

Acropolis of Athens as seen from the suspended table (which I was gripping tightly)

Acropolis under moon and floating seat

The majestic Acropolis and almost full moon

Lights of Athens and rooftop pool
Lycabettus Hill and lights of Athens

Spectacular views of the city

Old gasworks structures and lights of Athens beyond

The platform sways about a bit, but the rotations are intentional and happen a couple of times throughout the meal. It was faster than I expected (although not as fast as my picture below suggests.)

Blurry lights of Athens

How Does This Unforgettable Dining Experience Work?

Here’s what you need to know if you’ll be one of the lucky guests on this dinner adventure.

Booking and Payment

Firstly you need to book your place on one of three nightly sittings. Each seats 22 people, so you need to secure a place in advance. You can choose from various nightly seatings

Acropolis Sunset Dinner – dine as the sun goes down. Starts at 7pm or 7:30pm depending on the month 

Starlit Acropolis Dinner – this one is after dark and starts at 9pm or 9:30pm depending on the month

Acropolis Panorama Dinner – this is an early evening time slot available in September, starting at 5pm

Looking over the availability calendar, I’d say the sunset option is the most popular and both options can be booked out a good while in advance. If you want a specific date book as soon as you can.

The reservation process is super quick and easy. You can book directly through the restaurant’s webpage or through GetYourGuide. (See this post about apps for Greece travel.) You can use card for either, and you also have a Paypal option through the restaurant’s website.

Athens dinner in the sky platform on the ground before take off


Prices are from 155 euro, and the sunset dinner is the most expensive. For your money, you get a six-course meal with award-winning local wines on top of the views. Optionally you can choose from Greek beers or soft drinks.

Arrive 30 Minutes Early

Shunning the Greek tradition of arriving 30 minutes (or more) late, you need to be at the venue half an hour before your dinner’s start time.

I was given a friendly reception. The greeter welcomed me by name, and I was offered a welcome drink. You can choose from a welcome cocktail, prosecco or a soft drink to kick off the experience.

Hand holding glass of grapefruit juice in front of mural of white wings

The only thing you can take up with you is your phone, so bags need to stay down in the lockers. There are team members on the ground throughout the experience, so everything’s secure.

Lockers at dinner in the sky

You should use the toilet before you get strapped into your seat too. They’re the poshest, cleanest portaloos I’ve ever seen in my life!

Where is The Venue?

This Athens restaurant is set in the Technopolis, City of Athens venue, the old city gasworks that’s been converted into an events space. Technopolis is in the Gazi area close to the Kerameikos Archaeological Site.

It’s easy to get to by metro or about a 20-minute walk from Monastiraki Square.

By Metro, take the blue line to Kerameikos and come out of the signed Technopolis exit. To get to the meeting point, you go through the entrance on Iakchou Street, which is directly opposite the Metro exit. Just walk straight through the park in front of you.

Entrance to Technopolis converted gasworks from the park

Entrance gate opposite the metro

​Would I Recommend It?

In summary, yes if you’re not a scaredy-cat like me, I totally recommend this memorable experience. I feckin’ hated it, and I really didn’t think I’d last the whole 90 minutes.

But in retrospect, it was pretty cool. You get breathtaking views, amazing food, delicious Greek wine and memories.

Athens Dinner in the Sky FAQs

How long is Dinner in the Sky Athens?

The actual experience lasts 1.5 hours plus the 30 minutes you need to be there in advance.

What do you wear for dinner in the sky?

The dress code is smart casual. If you’re visiting in the shoulder months, I’d take a light jacket or jumper. Because of how the platform hangs high in the air, you’re a bit exposed if it’s chilly or windy.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

It’s advertised as being wheelchair accessible, as is the Metro to get there. However, if you look at the picture of the toilets below, they are not wheelchair friendly.

Are dietary requirements taken into Consideration?

You can state any specific dietary preferences i.e vegetarian or vegan or allergy information when you book your place. However, the restaurant asks for a day’s notice to accommodate special dietary requests or allergies.

Sweet potato puree artistically presented on a plate with beef

Does Dinner in the Sky run all year in Athens?

You can join Dinner in the Sky seasonally in Athens from April until September.

How do you use the bathroom at Dinner in the Sky?

The toilets are on the ground, so the platform needs to be lowered for you if you need to go during the meal. If you have to get off the platform, it returns to the ground within two minutes. However, you might get left there and miss the rest of your meal. Go before you head up!

Portaloos beside massive gasworks structure

What happens in bad weather?

If your booking is cancelled for bad weather you can choose either to rebook or receive a full refund.

Can children eat at Dinner in the Sky?

Children are welcome, but they need to be a minimum height of 120cm/4′ so that the seat harness fits safely.

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Athens Dinner in The Sky Restaurant Experience Review

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