Nafplio to Mycenae By Bus, Taxi, car or Private Tour

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While you’re visiting the picturesque town of Nafplio, you’ll proaly want to head out of the first capital of modern Greece to the Archaeological Site of Mycenae.#

The UNESCO World Heritage Site from the Mycenaean civilization is one of the area’s main attractions.

Mycaene is known as the city of Agamemnon, where the Trojan War took place in Greek mythology. And it’s famed for the ruins within the Cyclopean Walls as well as the impressive Lions Gate main entrance.

The lion gate at Mycenae

There’s also the small Archaeological Museum of Mycenae to visit at the site. And your next stop can be the Treasury of Atreus / Tomb of Agamemnon.

It’s just over the road, about 10 minute’s walk from the main site, and worth dropping in to look at. Your ticket for Mycenae includes the museum and this tomb. The tomb is considered the best example of Mycenaean work.

Taxi from Nafplion

A standard taxi from Nafplio to Mycenae costs 70€ return and includes an hour at the site. You can get a taxi from the rank outside the bus station.

The number for Nafplion Radio Taxis is +3018300 if you want them to collect you from your accommodation. (In most cases, I’d just ask your hotel or host to help you with taxis.)

You’ll need cash to pay as the drivers won’t take cards.

The taxis will also combine your Mycanae trip with a stop at:

  • Epidaurus with 1 hour waiting for 130€ return
  • Corinth Canal for 120€ return
  • Corinth Canal and Epidaurus for 200€ return

You could also contact Kostas from Mycenae Taxi Tours for a quote. He has lots of great reviews. And, by all accounts, is something of a storyteller and entertainer. Expect your journey to be filled with interesting historical facts and sights.

KTEL Public Bus

If you’re using the local bus, the best time to make this journey is during the summer months and September. After that, it’s not as straightforward but you can use a taxi combined with the bus.

Travelling Between June – September

Between the 6th of June and the 30th of September, a weekday bus runs between Nafplio and Mycenae. It leaves Nafplion at 9:30 am and then leaves Mycenae at 12 noon to come back.

Buy your ticket at the KTEL ticket office.

Travelling During the Rest of the Year

The rest of the year, the bus from Nafplio only goes as far as Fichti village. The village is 3.5km from Mycenae, so you could hike up if you enjoy walking. (I recall the site being up a hill though, so bear that in mind.) Or get a taxi.

Bus and Walking

I’ve been through Fichti on the bus, but I haven’t done the walk up to Ancient Mycenae from there. Google Maps is showing what looks like a sensible route up small village roads. Hopefully, it takes you through some of the region’s orange and olive groves.

If you use Maps, put your destination as the Treasury. I put in the main site first for this picture, and it directed me a long way round.

Bus and Taxi

There’s also the option to call a local taxi from the archaeological site to take you back to Fichti for the bus. But Kostas from Mycenae Taxi Tours will probably give you a good rate to go all the way back to Nafplio.

Return Bus Times from Fichti

The timetable for the bus journey from Nafplion to Fichti is here.

To find the return time from Fichti, add 1 hour and 45 minutes to the time the departure time from Athens. See the Athens to Corinth bus timetable online here.

Nafplio Bus Station

To catch the bus in Nafplio, go to stand one, which is directly opposite the ticket office. If you came to Nafplion on the bus from Athens, it’s the same place you got off. 

Private Tour

Unique Greek Tours offers a couple of private tours to Mycenae from Nafplio.

Mycenae and Epidaurus

They have a six-hour tour that takes you to Mycenae and the archaeological site of Epidaurus. It runs all year and the trip includes pick up from your hotel.

You can choose one of three departure times each morning) and costs start at 160€ for your private group of one to four people.

Ancient Corinth, the Canal and Epidavros

The company also has another full-day tour by luxury vehicle, which is eight hours long. The first stop is Mycenae, and your day also includes Ancient Corinth, Corinth Canal and Epidavros.

Again, the price points vary depending on your group size, and the price for one to four people is 240€.

For an additional fee, you can add a licensed tour guide to either option for an official guided tour of the archaeological sites. And you’ll get a full refund or the chance to reschedule if the weather’s bad when you’re due to go.

You can also look for other providers through GetYourGuide, which will show you review scores from other people who’ve been. In the summer and autumn, you’ll find more options than through the winter.

Rental Car

If you’re exploring the area in a private vehicle, then it’s an easy 25-minute drive to Mycenae from Nafplio. The road is good, taking you through pretty scenery, and there’s loads of parking at the site.

You can leave your car there and walk the 10 – 15 minutes down to the Treasury/Tomb. But if you’d prefer to take the car and make a short stop on the way back there are several parking spots outside the entrance.

Mycenae is quite well signed from Nafplio, but I always like to use SATNAV or Google Maps. If you don’t normally use Maps, you can read about it and other apps I recommend when you come to Greece.


Is there a local bus from Nafplio to Mycenae?

Yes, there is a direct bus from June to September. Outside of those months, you’ll only get as far as Fichti village and will need to walk the rest of the way. Details are above.

How Do I Get to Mycenae?

There are private and group tours and transfers from Athens running day trips. You can also travel from Nafplio by taxi, car or bus.

How Much Time Do You Need for Mycenae?

Ninety minutes should be enough time for most to explore the site, look in at the museum and pop down to the Treasury too.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Visiting Mycenae?

  • As with most places in Greece, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes to explore the site. It’s quite exposed so in the summer take sun protection.
  • Have cash on you for taxis and the bus if relevant.
  • There are toilets on site and in the summer somewhere that sells drinks.

Other Things to See in the Area

There are lots of other interesting sites in this part of the Greek Mainland.


In Napflio, take a walking tour of the old town and have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants in the city’s squares.

Find a way up to Paladimi Castle (bus, car, taxi or on foot) to see the magnificent views.

If you’re intrigued by the Mycean’s royal tombs, there’s another example at Tiryns.

It’s on the outskirts of Nafplio, past the Mycenean Acropolis. Just park up at the side of the road and walk a few minutes down a track to find it hidden in someone’s orange grove.

There’s loads to do here and it’s all covered in a separate post.

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

The ancient theatre here is one of the best-preserved classical theatres in Greece. It still holds atmospheric performances today. In the summer months, check out what’s on at the festival during your visit.

Ancient Epidaurus

This is the coastal village with The Sunken City. It’s a pleasant village with pretty beaches and hiking trails through the fragrant trees.

The Isthmus

The Corinth Canal bisects the isthmus that connects the Peloponnese with the mainland. You can stand above the water here and see the canal from one end to the other.

Ancient Corinth

The ancient city was an important site in ancient Greece, and it’s a top attraction in the area. There are quite a few ruins to explore as well as the archaeological museum.

Acrocorinth Ancient Citadel

This is a good site to combine with Ancient Corinth if you like walking. It’s steep to get up to, but I love it, and the views are amazing. Read about Acrocorinth here.

More Transport Information

I have a post here about how to get from to Nafplio from Athens. And if you’re travelling from Corinth from Athens before Nafplio this post will help.

Nafplio to Mycenae By Bus, Taxi, car or Private Tour

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