Massage In Mykonos: Review Of The Wonderful Ciel Spa

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During my first visit to the island, I was looking for a massage in Mykonos. I came across Ciel Mykonos Spa and their credentials looked good. I didn’t think I could go wrong with a spa that was a Luxury Wellness Spa winner at the World Luxury Spa Awards so I booked myself in.

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I’ve been back again a couple of times since. So I’m here to tell you about my experience in case it helps you decide where in Mykonos to have your massage.

What is Ciel Spa?

Ciel Spa is an award-winning spa based on the luxurious island of Mykonos. When I visited in 2021 they had a variety of locations, including Rocabella Hotel and Spa where I had my first treatment with them.

Since then, they’ve become based out of their lounge spa in the peaceful area of Agios Sostis. They’re also mobile and will come to your hotel or villa. Being Mykonos, that includes your yacht if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying that.

At their base, the lounge spa is set up for both indoor and outdoor treatments for individuals and couples.

Their outdoor area is really lovely. There’s a little pool with loungers and the most fabulous view. Although it was too cool to take advantage of the sunbeds when I visited in March and April it would be a great spot in summer.

In terms of their menu, Ciel offers the following types of treatments:

  • Massages – from Jetlag relief to aromatherapy to pregnancy to deep tissue/ remedial
  • Holistic treatments like Moxibustion, Cupping and Signing bowls
  • Couples massage
  • Add-on treatments like scrubs and head massage
  • Facials
  • Ciel Spa Rituals including the Greek Hippocratic Method
  • Restart Packages over 2 or 3 days
  • Spa Experience at your place for hen parties and groups

Booking Your Treatment with Ciel

It’s super-easy to book a treatment through Ciel’s website. They have both Whatsapp and Messenger Chat and in my experience, they’re really responsive.

How to Get to Ciel Private Mykonos Lounge Spa

When you book you’ll get the Google Maps link. When I clicked the link it takes me to Google in Greek which is a bit confusing. For me, if I scroll down it takes me to the listing for the right location.

From there I just need to click the arrow button for directions and it opens up in my Google Maps app in English. If you’re coming to Greece it’s a good idea to have the Google Maps app anyway so put that on your phone.

The directions are good and take you to a quieter part of Mykonos. Follow the satnav even when looking around you think you might have gone too far. When you need to turn off the main road there are unobtrusive signs with the Ciel Spa logo for you to follow.

The spa is at top of a very steep hill. Keep going all the way up past where Google Maps says you’ve arrived. At the top of the hill there’s a parking area and your therapist will meet you at the steps down to the spa.

Arriving at the Spa

I got a Whatsapp reminder message on the day of my treatments with just over 2 hours’ notice. When I arrived at Rocabella someone from the hotel took me to the spa. I was staying fairly close to the hotel so I walked. But I was sweaty and dusty when I turned up and in need of a shower.

When the therapist met me she was really friendly and kind. She lead me to a changing area where I could have a quick shower before the treatment.

My second treatment was at the Lounge Spa in Agios Sostis. There, my therapist was waiting for me at the entrance to the property when I pulled into the car park. She was just as friendly and led me down to the reception.

I was given a bottle of water and a champagne flute to drink it from while I completed a consultation form.

After confirming the treatments I booked for I was taken to the room to get ready.

Back & Neck Massage with a Head and Face Massage

For my most recent treatments, I decided to combine two of Ciel Spa’s 30-minute “A Bit of Pleasure” options. I chose the Back and Neck Massage with the Head and Face massage and it was exactly what I needed.

A Tailored Treatment

My therapist, Evelin tailored the treatment to what I needed. Even though I hadn’t booked a cupping treatment she incorporated cups to help with the tightness in my muscles.

The treatment started with me lying on my tummy Evelin worked on the knots and the areas of tension on my back, shoulders and arms with skill and good pressure. After that, I turned over and she worked on my neck a bit more.

I always get quite cold when I have a massage. But Evelin was checking I was ok and gave me a blanket when I turned over for the second half of the treatment. She worked on my head and face and I think she used a gemstone roller and gua sha stone as well as cups.

Whatever she did it was divine. The face massage included different temperatures which I liked too. I’m not entirely sure what she did as my eyes were closed in a state of bliss. But I felt my face get hotter, maybe from the cupping. And then that was contrasted by a really cold roller that seemed to calm everything down.

How I Felt Afterwards

As someone who spends a lot of time working at a laptop, I noticed a big difference after the massage. My neck and shoulders felt much looser and I definitely released a lot of tension. Although it wasn’t the aim of the treatment I also felt less bloated the next morning.

After having this combination of massages I booked again for the following week because these shoulders still have a way to go!

Delos Energy Singing Bowl Treatment

In 2021, my first visit to Ciel Spa was at the Rocabella Mykonos Hotel and Spa. The hotel is in the Agios Stefanos area of the island overlooking Delos. Which is appropriate because I’d chosen to have the Delos Energy Singing Bowl treatment.

When I lived in London I used to go to sound baths quite often. I really find them helpful for shifting stuck energy and emotions in my body. With lockdown, and then being in Greece where it’s not such a big thing, I was missing sound therapy. So I jumped at the chance for a sound healing experience when I saw it on the spa menu.

Stick to One or the Other

Unfortunately, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the treatment. I expected it to be mostly about the singing bowl and sound therapy but it was more about massage.

If I’d never come across a singing bowl before I might not have had any expectations. But as it was, the treatment felt a bit gimmicky. I felt like the therapist wasn’t trained in this type of meditation/holistic therapy and the bowls had just been provided as a bit of a weird add-on to a massage.

Luckily the therapist was excellent at massage so the treatment wasn’t a waste. It just wasn’t a good quality singing bowl experience in my opinion. And I don’t think it was necessarily the therapist’s fault. I think it’s just how the treatment sequence has been structured.

Part of why I didn’t like it was because everything felt a bit rushed. It seemed like the therapist was doing a bit of massage and then had to get the bowl and give it a strike by my head. And then she had to run back and put it down to do some more massage before grabbing the bowl again.

It didn’t feel like there was a chance for her to really get the bowl singing.

And also, there was spa music playing in the room. I actually really liked it. Without it, the treatment would have felt a bit awkward because of how much massage there was. But it meant I couldn’t really hear the singing bowl which kinda defeats the purpose.

So overall I’d say, Ciel spa is great for massage in Mykonos. But have your singing bowl treatment as a separate therapy elsewhere.

Massage In Mykonos: Review Of The Wonderful Ciel Spa

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