Best Pensions and Hotels in Nafplio Greece Old Town

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Before Athens gained capital city status over Greece, the title was held by an old town called Nafplio. Now, Nafplio serves as a popular tourist city, filled with marvellous structures and gorgeous coastal views of the Argolic Gulf.

Within the charming city’s alleyways, historic buildings, stony beaches, and ports are plenty of pensions and hotels waiting for you to explore.

Most of these buildings still retain a neoclassical flair but offer modern amenities to keep you comfortable.

At a Glance:

Although do check listings to confirm air-conditioned rooms and hotel accessibility if that’s important to you. Converting historic buildings in old towns sometimes makes these things challenging.

But stick around to discover Nafplio’s best hotels and pensions! You can also use the map below to search for hotels and other rentals in the area.

Best Hotels On a Budget

The good news about visiting the old town of Nafplio is that you can find multiple budget-friendly options.

Asimoni Pension

The Asimoni Pension is situated among archaeological attractions. It’s only 150 meters away from the historical Syntagma Square and the first Parliament of the Greeks.

After taking a stroll through the central square, you can take a boat trip over to Bourtzi, the Venetian castle in the harbour of the pristine Argolic Gulf.

Aside from all the nearby sightseeing, the guest house offers an immersive view of the Old Town and Palamidi. You can choose between four available rooms, including the economy and ground floor family rooms.

As for the amenities, each room is equipped with a three-point hydromassage column in the shower, a safe, a fridge, and a TV.

Pension Dafni

Nafplio is known for its romantic ambience, with honeymooners strolling about. One of the popular budget places to stay is Pension Dafni. Its rooms have a neoclassical interior design, ideally fitting within the Old Town’s charm.

Some rooms will give you access to a gorgeous mini-garden, a perfect spot to sip your morning tea or coffee. Other accommodations offer a spacious balcony where you can enjoy a rustic view of the castles of Upper Nafplio and Palamidi.

In terms of tourist spots, the hotel is a mere five to ten minutes walk to Arvanitia Beach. From there, you can walk up and explore the ancient town’s castles and architecture.

Pension Marianna

Pension Marianna offers an eclectic variety of rooms, including budget-friendly double rooms complete with stony wall interiors and serene window views of the Nafplio port.

Once you’re awake and all freshened up, you can indulge in the accommodation’s complimentary breakfast made from fresh ingredients.

The best part about Pension Marianna is that you don’t have to travel far to do most of your sightseeing. (Although do expect a fair few steps.) Just about 500 meters away, you can visit the beaches and enjoy a closer view of the old town’s port.

Grimani Pension

What sets Grimani Pension apart from most other accommodations is its history. Your stay at the Grimani Pension will take you back to the times of Venetian rule, thanks to the immersive architecture.

It was built around 1076, and its name came from the Venetian commander, Francesco Grimani.

The northern and eastern walls of the pension hold an emblem of the evangelist Mark, a symbol of the nation’s patron at the time.

Despite the historic build of the guesthouse, the rooms’ interior design is primarily modern with subtle vintage touches.

Impero Nafplio Hotel & Suites

Imperio Nafplio Hotel boasts budget-friendly accommodation with premium quality interiors. The 19th-century neoclassical guest house offers a stunning view of the Bourtzi and the Aegean Sea.

The hotel’s name, Imperio, is reminiscent of the region’s Italian heritage. Besides that, the place provides guests with exceptional staff service as well as an inclusive homemade breakfast made from locally grown ingredients.

Guests can choose between multiple room options, like the Supreme Room, Junior Suite, Deluxe Suite with sea view, and Grand Suite. Once you’re settled, you can take a short walk to the old town’s beachfront and enjoy a closer view of the crystal waters.

You’re also right next door to friendly and hospitable Cellar Vellini if you want to squeeze in a cheeky wine tasting before you leave.

Kastello Hotel

Despite residing in an old mansion, the Kastello Hotel offers its rooms at a budget-friendly price. The hotel is between Syntagma Square and the Land Gate, the start of the many steps up to Palamidi Castle.

The wooden-floored rooms are each equipped with modern amenities, including a TV, hairdryer, and minibar.

As for the hotel’s location, you’d be happy to know that charming cafes and restaurants line nearby streets, where you can experience authentic Nafplion cuisine.

Mid-Range Nafplio Hotels

As you increase your budget you’ll start to find more mid-range and premium options worth every penny.

Kallisti Pension

At the heart of Nafplio lies the Kallisti Pension. The guest house is close to Agios Spyridon Church, where the first governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias, was assassinated.

Besides the historic surroundings, the pension rooms have a cosy wooden interior design complemented by a balcony. You can also use the basic amenities provided, including a TV, free Wi-Fi, and hairdryer.

Messini Pension

This property is in an excellent location in the old town. It’s really easy to walk everywhere you want to go. Couples particularly like this hotel, and guests really rate the breakfast.

There’s an interesting story behind Messini Pension’s name. It originated from the daughter of King Triopas of Argos, who was also the wife of King Polykaon of the Lakonia district. Nonetheless, she was essentially a mythical queen, worshipped as such since the 10th century BC.

Anyway, the neoclassical building used to belong to the Mayor of Nafplion. It previously had a Tudor-style architecture before it was renovated to become a hospitable guest house.

🚗See this post if you need info about getting to Nafplio from Athens.

Rigas Pension

Rigas Pension is the ideal pick if you’re looking for a cottage-style room, equipped with several amenities as well as breakfast.

The pension is within walking distance of must-see local spots in the Old Town, like the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion and the various other museums. You can also take advantage of the cycling and water activities nearby.

AETOMA Traditional Hotel Guesthouse

The AETOMA Traditional Hotel guesthouse is a traditionally designed site. It hosts several accommodation options. You can treat yourself to the Superior Room housing a handmade rug, luxurious chandeliers, and eclectic paintings.

Alternatively, you can go for the Akrokeramo Top Floor Room, which has a private terrace space overlooking the historic walls of Palamidi Castle and Acronafplia.

One of the unique selling points of the AETOMA are the tours and activities available. The hotel offers horseback riding, photo tours, and Jeep trails.

Amfitriti Palazzo

The Amfitriti Palazzo combines the old charm of Nafplio’s neoclassical design and modern interior to create a unique accommodation for your next trip.

Previous occupants credit the hotel for its exceptional hospitality and cleanliness. It has a great view of the harbour and the team is more than happy to guide you through the surrounding cafes, restaurants, and historic sites.

The Palazzo offers several hotel room options, including Standard, Deluxe, and Superior. All the rooms at this charming hotel are double. They also have hydro-massage shower jets, spa baths, and a minibar.

Note that this hotel is at the opposite end of the little street that Pension Marianna is on. And to access it

Grand Sarai Hotel

The historic 17th-century building that houses the Grand Sarai

The Grand Sarai Nafplio is one of the oldest accommodation sites on this list, built between the years 1685 and 1715. The place is a historical site of its own because it’s where the first Court of Auditors of the Newest Greek State took place between 1829 and 1833.

Rooms have views of the Gulf of Argolis, the Old Town and Palamidi, and you’ll get a divine night’s sleep on their dreamy COCO-MAT bedding.

(I love COCO-MAT. If you fall in love with them too, you should see this post about souvenirs. Luckily, COCO-MAT are worldwide.)

In terms of service, the hotel offers a delectable breakfast buffet complete with freshly baked bread, berry marmalade, savoury puff pastries, and varied sweet treats.

If you choose to stay here, the Grand Sarai can also help you with several activities, including a night cruise and walking tours.

Leto Nuevo Hotel

Recently refurbished, the Leto Nuevo Hotel offers an elevated experience for guests thanks to the comfortable and premium furniture and panoramic balcony views.

The hotel’s services and facilities are also of a high standard thanks to the delicious breakfast, friendly team, and varied amenities.

If you’re up for it, Leto Nuevo can assist you with booking one-day cruise tickets to the Hydra & Spetses islands. The staff can organise car hires and airport transfer bookings as well.

King Othon Boutique Hotel

King Othon Boutique Hotel is located in an elegant building a short walk from the waterfront and the rest of the Old Town. Its grand design is thanks to the German architect Ernst Chiller.

The space was renovated in 2022 and retained its classical interior design. The hotel is luxuriously clean and comfortable, and the rooms have garden views. Some have balconies, too.

Gambello Luxury Rooms

Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms exquisitely blend modern and classical interior design elements. The hotel’s three-story exterior architecture is inspired by the historic Bourtzi Fortress. Overall, the accommodation options exude luxury.

The hotel offers a traditional breakfast freshly sourced from Argolis.

Services aside, if you’re a frequent Nafplio visitor, you can take advantage of Antonio Gambello’s loyalty program, where you earn points after every night’s stay. Once you’ve gathered enough points, you can redeem them and win a discount.

Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel

The Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel is a family-run operation established in 2019. The three-story building houses nine rooms.

Each room is designed with modern details and subtle classical elements. The rooms’ colours are primarily neutral evoking a calming and relaxing ambiance for guests.

The best part is that all the rooms have a balcony overlooking the spectacular view of the old town. Besides the rooms, Carpe Diem offers exceptional hospitality and service with facilities for all your needs.

Aethra Boutique Rooms

Aethera Boutique Rooms provides guests with a cosy stay in the old town in rooms that are light and bright. From the balcony, you can gaze down onto a picturesque courtyard dotted with orange and lemon trees.

After getting ready for a long day of sightseeing, you’re greeted by a scrumptious, complimentary breakfast from the hotel.

Less than a mile away, you can navigate to Arvanitia Beach for a sunbathing session or Akronafplia Castle and Archaeological Museum of Nafplion to learn more about the old town’s history.

Nafsimedon Hotel

Sitting across from Kapodistrias Square and looking at the towering palm trees in Kolokotronis Park is the Nafsimedon Hotel.

The hotel’s rooms are characterized by metal bedposts, marble-topped wooden tables, neutral-coloured walls, and grand curtains.

Nafsimedon also offers a colourful breakfast assortment to begin your day with warm pastries and fresh Greek yoghurt. If you’re bringing along the little ones, you can keep them entertained by the children’s play area across from the hotel.

Adiandi and Amymone Hotels

The rooms at Adiandi and Amymone Hotels give off boho vibes, offering a relaxing atmosphere to guests. Each room combines recycled elements, wooden floors, and unique sculptures.

The hotel is a few steps away from the restaurant, “Wild Duck,” which serves a tasteful variety of European and Mediterranean dishes. You can also enjoy the hotel’s breakfast from its “Adiandi Cafe,” where you can munch on heartwarming pastries and cakes with jams and honey.

Best Luxury Hotels in Nafplion

If you want to experience unparalleled comfort, these luxury accommodation options are your best bet.

Navria Hotel

The Navria Hotel boasts exceptional opulence thanks to its Ottoman-inspired external architecture. Meanwhile, the hotel’s interior design emphasizes a more modern aesthetic.

Apart from the alluring ambience of Navria, you‘ll benefit from its proximity to multiple tourist spots.

In terms of guest rooms, there are over six choices, ranging from the Superior Double Room to the Suite with a Balcony View.

Ippoliti Hotel

Once you arrive at the Ippoliti Hotel, you can’t help but admire the traditional and intricate architecture of the site. The neoclassical building is elegant and charming.

As you enter the hotel, you’re greeted with traditional interior and wooden accents, complete with luxurious facilities like the small outdoor pool and their fitness room.

The rooms ooze luxury with the refined Tuscan furniture and ambient lighting fixtures and portraits. In addition to the authentic architecture, the hotel is also minutes away from lots of sightseeing opportunities like the War Museum and Peloponnesian Folklore Museum.

Epoch House & The Orange Shop

This Epoch House hotel not only houses accommodation but an impressive gift shop as well.

At The Orange Shop, you can browse for Nafplio-inspired souvenirs, artisanal products, and local delights. The shop also functions as a workspace in case you need to check your emails or charge your laptop.

As for the rooms, the Epoch House spared no expense in creating minimalist spaces with breathtaking balcony views. The rooms are neutral-toned to evoke a calming effect.

Additionally, the beds all have a COCO-MAT mattress, guaranteeing the best sleep you’ve had in a while.

Regno Di Morea

As soon as you enter a room in Regno Di Morea, you’ll instantly feel at ease with the warm, ambient lighting and inviting king-sized bed. The rooms are all outfitted with a large smart TV, laptop, and Nespresso coffee machine.

Luckily for frequent visitors, Regno Di Morea offers a loyalty program to recurring guests. Members can potentially receive late checkouts and room upgrades upon availability.

Espero Royal Stay

The Espero Royal Stay will have you feeling, as its name suggests, royal. The hotel’s rooms are adorned with pieces of art inspired by renowned artists. One of the rooms, namely the Romeo and Juliet, has a jacuzzi.

Some of the other rooms have a large balcony where you can take in Nafplio’s scenery. The hotel also hosts Espero Fine Taste restaurant, where you can indulge your palate in a fine dining experience.

Castellano Hotel & Suites

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon, Castellano Hotel & Suites offers the ideal romantic getaway for couples. The luxurious space boasts comfort and style with its cream-coloured furniture and walls.

You can also immerse yourself in the nearby gastronomy experience at the 3SIXTY Grill Dining, serving unique Mediterranean flavours—all locally sourced. The grill menu primarily focuses on high-grade red meats, including grain-fed Australian Wagyu meat.

Amphitryon Hotel

Private balconies with views to the sea

Perched along the stony coastal lines of Nafpio is the Amphitryon Hotel. From the hotel you get an amazing view of the harbour and the Bourtzi Fortress. Plus, you’re close to Fortress of Akronauplía where you can walk up for an amazing sunset.

The hotel has a few restaurants to choose from, including the opulent Circle Restaurant, which serves exquisite Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.

If you’re planning a special event, the hotel offers several options for corporate meetings to wedding ceremonies.

Grand Bretagne Hotel

The Grand Bretagne Hotel is defined by its exterior and interior classical design. Located near Filellinon Square, the hotel offers five different room choices, including the Twin Room, Junior Suite, and Family Suite-Attic.

The rooms are all fitted with wood-beamed ceilings, classic-style furniture, hardwood floors, oriental patterned rugs, and draped curtains.

The hotel also has a lounge area complete with dark leather couches and armchairs.
The Grand Bretagne is located just in front of the sea, making it easy for a pleasant stroll along the promenade.

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Final Thoughts

Nafplio is a welcoming city with lots to do in a compact area. Apart from its hospitable people, the hotels and pensions offer excellent service, refined architecture, and exquisite interior design plans.

A quiet pedestrian street in the picturesque town

Thankfully the town offers a good variety of room rates with affordable options that won’t sacrifice comfort and luxurious boutique rooms to pamper yourself.

If you’re travelling to Nafplio directly from Athens Airport and need to spend a night there first, here are some hotels around the airport.

Best Pensions and Hotels in Nafplio Greece Old Town

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