Power in Greece: Adapter Plugs, Voltage Converter…What You Actually Need

You might not know that the plugs sockets and power supply voltage in Greece are different to the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other foreign countries. Luckily you’ll probably only need an adapter plug to use any appliances you bring to Greece. However, you may need a power converter too.

Sockets and Plug Types in Greece

Greece uses the type F socket and type F and type C power plugs. The type F (with the top and bottom indentations) and C plugs both have round pins and can be used interchangeably with the C and F outlets.

(I think the type C plugs are what’s common in continental European countries if you’ve travelled to one. In France, I’ve used the socket type E. It also has round pins, similar to the others and the French type E plugs can be used in the Greek sockets too.)

Although the UK uses different plugs and sockets the electric voltage and frequency is the same as in Greece. North America and other countries use different voltages. That means you may need to use a voltage converter for electrical items you bring as well as a plug adapter.

Do I Need a Travel Adaptor Plug for Voltage in Greece?

Yes, you’ll need to use power plug adapters to make your device plugs suitable for the Greek wall socket if your items aren’t European.

I’d bring them with you but in Greece adapter plugs are easy to find at large airports and in some touristy shops. Your hotel room might also have some but ask before you arrive. Reception often has some for guest use but perhaps not enough for every room.

What Type of Adaptor Do I Need for Greek Plug Sockets?

You can either get adapters that convert one type of plug to another or you can get a universal adapter that is like a Swiss army knife for plugs! The single type just allows you to plug your US or UK (or whichever other country you’ve bought for) plug into it and then the two pins of the adapter go into the wall socket.

Two of these types of travel adapters are a good minimum. That way you can charge your mobile / cell phone and your iPad at the same time or charge your phone while using your straighteners.

UK Plugs with Adapters

Universal adapters allow you to create a plug that’s suitable for an electrical socket in 100+ countries. Make your electrical device fit the plug sockets anywhere from New Zealand to South America to Hong Kong!

Not only is the universal power adapter great for world travellers who need a different type of adapter for their next trip, but they also work like a power strip allowing you to plug in several items at once.

I sometimes find the plugs a bit flimsy or collapsable and not as sturdy as the single type. You also need to keep an eye on how much power you’re adding with the various things plugged in so it’s safe for the supply voltage.

You can get ones now that have USB ports so multiple battery chargers can plug in at once. Great if you’re travelling as a group or family and don’t want to take a million adapters. These are great in theory and check them out for yourself.

Do I Need a Power Converter for Greece?

Like the UK the standard voltage in Greece is 230 V and the frequency is 50Hz. So you don’t need a converter for items from the UK, just a plug adapter for the Greek power outlet.

Travellers from North America where there is a lower voltage of usually 120 V and a frequency of 60 Hz, or any other countries where the voltage is different to the above might need a converter.

However, before you run out to buy anything check the electricity information on your appliance or electronic device. Many American appliances are set up to work within a voltage and frequency range rather than on a single voltage.

Appliance label on a hairdryer showing a range of voltage and frequency

Laptop chargers, hair dryers, curling iron and other common items might already be safe to use in the Greek power sockets.

Have a look at the labels on the things you want to take. If they have 100-240V, 50/60 Hz Input on them then you’re covered for the correct voltage in Greece. If not, you’ll need an adapter as well as the type F plug adapter.

Be Safe Around Electricity and Voltage in Greece

I’m not an expert but I recommend you don’t use anything that’s not the right voltage. Even for a short time at your own risk. It’s not worth it so make sure you always have a safe connection.

One last tip I’d give is to always disconnect from your device before unplugging at the wall. Without wishing to be disrespectful, the electrics in Greece aren’t always the best I’ve ever seen. If the plug’s going to burn out it’s better if it’s not connected to your laptop or phone when it does.

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Power in Greece: Adapter Plugs, Voltage Converter…What You Actually Need

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