Sunset in Fira: Where to Watch the Glorious Show

Oia village is the most famous place to see the spectacular sunsets in Santorini. But of course, it’s not the only spot on the island to watch the sun go down into the Aegean Sea!

You can find picturesque views all along the west side of the island. So, whether you want to stay local to your accommodation or just avoid the worst of the hordes of tourists, here are the best sunset spots specifically in Fira, Santorini.

Restaurants and Cocktail Bars

Looking down on restaurants and bars along Santorini's caldera

Book a seat in Fira for the sunset in Santorini

Some of the best sunset spots in Fira are the restaurants and cocktail bars along the Caldera cliffs.

PK Cocktail Bar, Iriana and Nektar Lounge are at Fabrica Shopping Centre. You can enjoy cocktails, wine tasting or food while enjoying the best views and the magical sunset.

It’s all very civilised to have a seat and be away from everyone jostling for a space on the street.

Further along by the steps, there’s Marinera Restaurant. Argo Restaurant used to be there too, but they’ve moved to a new location that’s more inland.

🥘These places are on my list of the top restaurants in Fira, by the way, so take a look if you need some suggestions.

Three Bells Of Fira

The Greek island of Santorini is known for its beautiful sunsets 

The island’s famous blue domes aren’t limited to Oia either. Above the Three Bells church, there’s the perfect sunset spot. It’s a great vantage point with panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding isles and islets.

To get to the best area walk up the side of the church beside Allure Suites. Follow the arrows on the picture sign to stay in public areas.

On the Streets of Fira

There are a few good sunset-viewing spots on the street if you haven’t managed to make a reservation for somewhere with a sunset view.

Outside Fabrica Shopping Centre

Being right in the centre of Fira, this is probably the most popular place for sunset watching. Remember that Fira is the largest town on the island, so this fairly famous sunset spot can get pretty busy in the peak season.

It’s a good spot for selfie sunset photos, so if you want to nab the best spot beside the wall, go before there’s a huge crowd.

The Streets Along the Fira Caldera

From Fabrica, you can take the steps and path to your left to get further down the caldera and a slightly different view.

Top of the Steps to the Old Port

You get breathtaking views all the way along the path here from Fira towards Imerovigli, so there is space to spread out a bit. Having said that, the narrow walkway starts to feel a bit like the crowded streets in Oia in the busiest months. 

To get a good spot close to the wall for your pictures, get there a while before the actual sunset time.

Along the Main Road Out of Fira

If you want to go for a sunset stroll, it’s a good way to watch the sunset. You’ll find several spots along the road that are nice to just stop and take some photos.

If you’re driving and find yourself along this road at the right time, then there’s a great sunset spot above Petite Palace Suites. There’s a car park directly opposite, for the shops and gym in that section.

Closer to Fira there are also now sections where you can pull off the road to watch the sunset.

Hotels Along the Caldera

Hot tubs and sunsets are two of my favourite things. Regardless of whether you have access to a hot tub or not, you’ll be able to find a great sunset spot from your accommodation on the caldera or along the main road into Fira.

If you’re booking a hotel along the cliffs in Fira and you want to see the sunset from your room, do check when you book. Just because you’re on the cliff edge on the right side of the island, doesn’t guarantee that your particular room has a sunset view.

No doubt there’ll be somewhere on the property or on the narrow streets around that’s perfect to stand. But because the area is maze-like and full of caves built almost on top of each other, some spaces can have restricted views. 

The Santorini sunset from El Greco Hotel in Fira

Fira Old Port

Lombranosm Restaurant is a good restaurant right at the end of the Old Port. It’s at the opposite end to the cable car station and has a great sunset view.

Take the cable car down at sunset

Seeing the Sunset in Fira During the Winter

If you visit Santorini during the off-season, the good news is watching the sunset is still one of the top things to do.

It doesn’t necessarily look the same as in summer, but the great thing is it can be even more dramatic when the sky’s not perfectly clear. Plus, the sun sets late afternoon local time, so it’s nice and early!

The restaurants and cocktail bars along the caldera are mostly closed, although you might get lucky and stumble upon the odd place that’s open. But don’t worry, you can still find a great spot.

The area above the Three Bells Church and the places along the street are all accessible year-round.

This picture is from when I visited Santorini in November. Sometimes, I think the off-season really is the best time to see the most impressive Santorini sunsets. (And those on other Greek islands, too, for that matter.)

Other Good Sunset-Watching Spots in Santorini

If you’re staying a few nights and want to watch the sunset every night, then some other popular spots are:

  • the church in front of Skaros Rock at Imerovigli
  • Akrotiri Lighthouse
  • Santorini Heart and the church at the bottom of the hiking trail there
  • Oia Castle, the most famous sunset spot
  • Blue-Domed Churches
  • Restaurants at Ammoudi Bay
  • Santo Winery wine-tasting and sunset experience

More Helpful Information About Santorini

If you’re looking for more information about Santorini, like things to do, where to stay, what to wear and more… then see this page with all my Santorini posts.

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Sunset in Fira: Where to Watch the Glorious Show

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