Terrific Bouldering And Rock Climbing Facilities on Tinos Island

If you’re a keen climber (or even a brand new beginner) then you can indulge your passion for rock climbing in Tinos.

Exomvourgo Hill is the statement rock of Tinos. It’s in the middle of the island and can be seen from almost everywhere in the south. The area has been set up for rock climbing since 2007 and now has 90 different climbing routes to choose from.

Walking route up to the castle

As well as the Exomvourgo poster child there is a unique geological phenomenon in several locations across Tinos. I saw plenty of rounded granite boulders in Volax and scrambled over a load of interesting rocks at Livada Beach. These lend themselves to bouldering routes that you can hone your skills on too.

About the Rock Climbing on Tinos

Some routes are better in particular seasons and of course, they suit different skills and abilities (from 5b to 7b+). For those in the know, the rock has good clicks. (I’m not, but assume this means something to you!)

The technical bit is that the routes are well-varied and kitted out with stainless-steel plug rings. According to the Climb Exomvourgo website, they also include a nice selection of “cracks, negative slope, roofs, peel and dihedrals”. For more on the technical side of things see all the information on the routes here.

Signage for the climbing routes

Agia Eleni Castle

As well as being an impressive lump of granite that lends itself to climbing, the hill also has historical significance. On the top are the remains of the Venetian castle, Agia Eleni – St Helen’s. There isn’t much of the castle left but there’s enough to explore.

Remains of the castle are fun to explore

The name exo-bourgo means outside – as in, of the castle – and it actually refers to the ancient town that was built on the slopes. There’s a tiny bit of the foundations and wall left that you might see when passing. If you’re interested in knowing more then visit the Archaeological Museum in Tinos Chora.

Zone 10 – Children’s Climbing Routes

Anyway back to the climbing. There are 9 main zones. An additional 10th zone has been added and the routes here are top-rope climbing routes designed for children aged 6 years and up.

Zone 10 is a little away from the adult climbing zones but near The Sacred Heart Monastery. You can park right at the monastery too so that’s handy.

Getting to Climbing Zones 1-5

In terms of the adult climbing zones, they’re all connected by a path. So you can get to the start of each route no matter where you enter. There are a couple of different access points for the different climbing areas:

For zones 1 – 5 you can drive to Xinara (use Google Maps). You’ll see the sign to Xinara village and the climbing areas as the road starts to head down towards Loutra. Take the right-hand fork and then follow it round. You’ll end up at the car park at the entrance to the pedestrianised village.

Signs from the road to the climbing routes

From there, there’s a smaller, steep road that goes up the last few hundred meters to the climbing area. There’s not much parking space but you can pull in by the church. Alternatively, just park up in the main car park and walk up the hill.

On the way to climbing route 1

The red and white Tinos Trails markers direct you to the hill via a trail. But it’s probably best just to walk up on the road itself. Everything was rather overgrown when I visited.

Getting to Climbing Zones 6-9

For Zones 6-9 you can use the access road from Tripotamos. When you get to the village and see the wooden sign you’re going to take the dirt track that’s signed for the ancient town. It’s almost right in front of you but you make a slight right and then immediate left turn.

The road up from Tripotomos village

This bumpy track will take you to the church with the courtyard where you can park. Take the trail alongside the church until you get to the sign that directs you to the climbing field.

Signage to the climbing routes from the parking area

How to Enjoy Climbing on Tinos

Tinos Outdoor Activities will rent equipment to experienced climbers for bouldering.

Boulders at Livada Beach

If you’d like to do some climbing while you’re on the island you can join them for a 3-hour session. It costs 30 euro and all the safety equipment is included. Because there are different types and levels of routes you can do this as a family activity too.

Plenty to find and explore at Livada Beach

For More Information About Climbing

For more information about climbing on Tinos see the Climb Exomvourgo site or get in touch with Manthos at Tinos Outdoor Activities. I messaged about some hiking-related questions I had and he was super helpful.

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