Santorini Airport to Perissa: The Best Ways to Go

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If you’re arriving into Santorini by plane and heading straight to your accommodation in Perissa, here are the options for getting there. Decide for yourself which is the best way, depending on your needs.

Pre-arranged Semi/Private Transfer

Arranging something in advance means that you can relax even in the busiest high season. Knowing your transport is sorted is a good way to start your trip.

Transfer companies track your flight when you use this kind of service. So they’re there waiting for you with a welcome sign, even if your pick-up time is altered due to a delayed flight.

In Santorini, you have a few different transfer options. Note this will be harder to book if you’re travelling between November to March. Some companies, like Stone Travel, do operate all year-round.

Hotel Transfer

Many hotels in Santorini offer airport transfers. They have their own minibuses with professional drivers to ferry their guests around the island, including to and from the airport.

Once you’ve confirmed your accommodation, it’s worth seeing whether they offer an airport shuttle service.

Shared Airport Shuttle

A semi-private option is a bit cheaper than booking just for you but usually doesn’t involve too many stops along the way.

My Santorini Transfer is highly rated and charges 15 euro per person between Santorini Airport and Perissa.

If you’re travelling alone, check what you’re being charged with any shuttle services you intend to book. Sometimes, you have to pay double because they want a minimum of two fares to make the journey.

Silver taxis parked outside Santorini Airport

Private Transfer

If you know you want to book a private transfer just for your party, you can make your own arrangements, too. This could be the best option if you’re travelling as a large group. If you won’t all fit in a standard taxi then you can save quite a bit of money by sharing a bigger vehicle.

My Santorini Transfer charges 50 euro for one to four people travelling in a VIP private transfer from the airport to Perissa.

Santorini Airport Shuttle charges 70 euro per trip for a private transfer of one to four people. Then the prices work out cheaper per head from there for up to groups of 20.

Welcome Pickups is also available in Santorini. I’ve used them in various places across Greece and found them a reliable option, too.

Airport Taxi

Santorini doesn’t have many of their local silver taxis. However, there always seem to be far more available outside the airport than at Santorini Port, which is good news for you.

If you come in the peak summer season, be prepared to wait though. That’s especially true if you’re on a busy international flight from the UK or one of the European cities that connects with Thira airport.

You need to agree your taxi fare with the driver before you leave, as everything is a fixed fare rather than a meter. If the drivers know there’s a lot of traffic and the journey will take longer, they will charge more than at quiet times. Expect to pay up to 40 euro to Perissa.

The drivers are generally friendly with very good English. You can call for a taxi if none are waiting and you’re able to phone Greek numbers from your mobile. The numbers are +302286022555 and +302286023951.

Booking Via Uber

If you’ve chosen to do a taxi transfer and there are no taxis when you arrive, you can try the Uber app. It might be a bit different to what you’re used to as you just use the app to book local transport services. You’re not booking an official Uber.

You do have the option to request a taxi to come to you. (On the app, it says it’s metered but the taxis in Santorini just use fixed pricing, so agree the fare with the driver.)

You also have the choice of their “comfort” transfer service, which is a bit more plush than a taxi, and the choice to book a van. As with the pre-booked transfers, a van can be a more cost-effective option if you’re travelling as part of a larger group.

K.T.E.L Public Bus Via Fira

The KTEL bus is the cheapest way to travel to Perissa from the airport with the total bus fare being 3.80 euro in 2023.

Airport to Fira

Unfortunately, there’s no direct bus, but it’s quite straightforward to go via Fira bus terminal, and the journey’s not long.

That leg costs 1.60 euro for a one-way ticket, and the bus services run between 6am and 11pm.

The Fira bus stops right outside the airport terminal building. Put your luggage in the storage area underneath before you get on.

You pay your fare at the bus, so you don’t need to get a ticket beforehand. It’s cash only, and they usually have lots of change. But I wouldn’t try and use a 50 euro note for a single fare.

Fira to Perissa

Once you arrive in Fira, you can change over to the Perissa bus which leaves from the same place. The main station at Fira can be quite chaotic so expect lots of people milling about and buses reversing into the parking area.

If you have a bit of a wait before your next bus goes there’s seating behind where the buses park. And there’s a little kiosk on the main road by the entrance where you can get drinks and snacks.

All the timetables are displayed by what looks like the ticket office. So you can see when the next one’s due to leave for Perissa Village. They’re online here, too, but note the timetables change seasonally.

Bus to Perissa at Fira bus station

The times with an E beside them are the express buses. Those buses are quicker as they go directly to Perissa without stopping at places like Emporio Village on the way.

Again, you get your ticket on the bus. Usually, for Perissa, a conductor will get on at some point to issue tickets rather than the driver. So don’t worry if the driver waves you on without taking money.

There are a few different stops as you come into the village, so check with your accommodation about which is the nearest.

Drive from Santorini Airport to Perissa

You can rent a car to collect at the airport if you’ve decided that driving in Santorini is for you. Many of the island’s rental agencies will meet you in the arrivals area even if they don’t have an office at the airport.

Usually, they’ll wait outside the building, holding your name on a piece of paper. Then they’ll take you to your rental car.

Depending on traffic – like how many ATVs you get stuck behind – it takes about 25 minutes from the airport to Perissa. Turn left out of the airport exit and then follow the signs. Alternatively, get a car with satnav installed or use an app like GoogleMaps to find your way.

In terms of car companies, have a search and see what’s available for your dates. I’ve never had any luck with CoolCars, but from their reviews, it seems everyone else has.

There’s also Santori Rentals, which is based in Perissa and will come and meet you at the airport. Rent a Car Santorini Airport by ClickCar also has new cars and good reviews.

Hiring a Car in Santorini

Note that car rental in Santorini can be more expensive than on other islands. Automatic cars are also limited, and minimum rental periods can apply.

Check details about whether a deposit is taken and, if so, if it needs to be specifically from a credit card rather than a debit card. Ask about the insurance daily charge and the excess you’re liable for if there’s an accident.

More Information About Perissa and Santorini

Now that you’ve sorted out the transportation options to get there, here are some ideas for how you can spend your time in Perissa. There’s actually quite a bit to do in the area more than just enjoying Perissa Beach, anyway.

See this page for more travel advice and guides for Santorini.

Santorini Airport to Perissa: The Best Ways to Go

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