Paros in October: a Choice Time to Visit Greece

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When you start planning a trip to Greece, you’ve probably been thinking about the best time to go.

Paros in October can be very pleasant. Do consider Greek island-hopping in the autumn because there’s a lot to enjoy at this time of year.

Here’s what you can expect from this Cycladic island in the month of October.

Paros Weather Conditions in Autumn

When you travel in the shoulder season (April/early-May and mid-September-October), you have to expect some changeable weather, particularly towards the end of October.

However, you can have absolutely lovely warm weather to enjoy the beach, especially in early October.

There are still plenty of daylight hours to get out and about exploring, and the average temperature is about 23 degrees during the day. In the evening, it’s more likely to be around 18, so you’ll need to take some long-sleeved layers and a jacket.

October is a good time to wander around without the searing heat and the high-season crowds that Paros is starting to entertain.

There’s usually some wind to enjoy the island’s water sports, and it’s much nicer to explore the island’s walks and hiking trails outside of the hottest months. The average wind speed can pick up in October, as you can see from these trees!

Check locally which beaches are best to enjoy when there’s a strong wind. Depending on which ways it’s blowing, someone will be able to tell you the most sheltered on that day.

Things to Do in October (Including on Rainy Days)

In October, you still have pleasant weather to do the things you would do during the rest of the summer season.

For all of the best things to do in Paros you can see this post.

Enjoy the Beaches and Swimming

Although you might want to anticipate some days with a fair bit of cloud cover, you should get to enjoy some good sunny weather, too, and October is still a good month to swim.

The Aegean Sea gets pretty warm over the summer and early autumn, and the average sea temperature remains pleasant in October.

Some hotels in the beach resorts close before or during October, so be aware of that, as well as the fact that you’ll more likely find a natural beach than one with a beach bar. (They’re the best beaches anyway, as far as I’m concerned!)

There will still be some beach activities and boat trips towards the start of the month. But again, expect them to peter out towards the end.

Wander Around the Villages

Paroikia is fairly bustling all year round, even though some of the tourist restaurants, cafes and shops will have closed by October.

It’s the capital of the island with plenty of permanent residents, and the Port of Parikia still welcomes several ferries a day in October.

Noussa in the north is much quieter by the autumn, but there’s still enough open to enjoy. Several restaurants by the harbour are still open for some tasty local food.

The smaller villages see a trickle of tourists, and the cafes in the square in the small village of Lefkes are still set up from the peak season.

One of the island’s main attractions is the collection of pretty narrow streets that run through these villages. You can take pretty pictures on every corner with some of the bougainvillaea blooms still hanging on.

Or find a quaint cafe with tables on the street, look at what’s left of the Frankish Castle in Paroikia and the Venetian Castle in Naoussa, hike between Lekfes and Prodromos or do some shopping.

Both sophisticated Naoussa and the larger Paroikia have several interesting shops and boutiques. And I think Paros Island is one of the best places in the Cyclades for shopping.

Some of the island’s restaurants have already shut down by October

Go to the Archaeological Museum

There are no great archaeological sites on Paros despite what the several brown heritage signs around the island might want you to believe.

But the archaeological museum is worth a trip. It’s in the centre of Paroikia and is a good indoor activity if the weather’s a bit dicey.

Visit the Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani

Just over from the museum is the famous church. There’s a Byzantine Church and Museum there, too, but I’m not sure you’ll find it open.

However, the main church is quite imposing and has several sections to discover. I like the old part the best and again, it’s obviously it’s something you can do inside.

Watch the Sunset

You can watch the sunset all along the west coast. A popular spot to watch the sunset in Paros is at St Constantine Church, built on the old temple of Athena. It’s just in front of the Frankish Castle and won’t be too crowded in October.

Sunset times are obviously a bit earlier than in the summer months, so check on that when you’re there.

The beautiful island of Paros in October

Go Hiking

Fall/autumn is a great time of year to hike around Paros. The Byzantine path between Lefkes and Prodromos that I mentioned above is popular. And St. Antonios Monastery at Marpissa is worth visiting on foot for the fantastic views.

🥾 I’ve written a post here about some of the short walks that are pleasant to do in Paros.

Visit Antiparos

There are still loads of ferries running daily from Pounta to Antiparos next door. You can hop over and explore the cave or have one of the pristine beaches pretty much to yourself. The island also has its own Oxi Day formalities, which you might like to see.

Other Things to Note About Paros in October

Oxi Day Public Holiday

Although there are no big religious festivals during the month, the 28th of October is the Oxi/Ochi Day public holiday in Greece. It commemorates when Greece stood up to the invasion of the Italians in 1940 and is observed every year.

Shops are closed, and public transport usually runs on a Sunday schedule. 

Read what the Oxi Day holiday is all about in this post.

You might find it interesting to watch some of the ceremonies that take place in the morning. As an example, in 2023, the flag ceremony started at 10:30 at the Panagia Ekatontapyliani church I spoke about above.

Then, everyone moved to the War Memorial for an approximately thirty-minute remembrance service. Officials laid wreaths, there was a minute’s silence, and the national anthem was played before the parade started along the coastal road.

Clock Changes

The clocks in Greece go back on the last weekend of the month for daylight saving time. I think most phones and smart watches change automatically these days, but be mindful of the changes.

At least for flights and ferries, you’ll arrive too early rather than too late if you get it wrong!

What to Pack and Wear

What I wear in the Cyclades in October is similar to the summer, with just an extra layer on top. The weather in Paros in the fall is still mild (to me), and I wear things like cropped jeans or trousers with a vest top and a hooded top/cardigan.

You might want a lightweight padded jacket (like the ones that fold up in a little bag), a fleece or denim jacket to wear, particularly if it’s windy. It’s good to have for boat trips or the ferry, too.

This post about what to pack and wear for Santorini applies to Paros, too.

Stray Cats

In October, cats that were fed by restaurant owners and tourists can be left to fend for themselves for the winter. Lots of people who come to Paros for the summer spend the winter in Athens.

If you see a stray cat in a vulnerable location, like alone at a beach or near a closed-down restaurant, please tell one of the animal welfare groups on the island. They may be able to help rehome the cat or at least put it in the safety of a regularly fed colony.

You can contact PAWS or Paroscat. If you can help in any way, like taking the cat to the vet to be neutered on their behalf, I know they’d be hugely grateful.

And if you’re coming in October to stay for a while PAWS would love you to come and walk their dogs. And Paroscat has plenty of jobs you could help out with.

See more about the cats of Paros.

Getting Around Paros in October


Rental cars are cheap on Paros, and there are plenty of places for you to hire one for your trip. I personally find this the easiest way of getting around the island.

🛵 Have a read of this about whether to hire a quad bike in Paros.


In my opinion, the taxis are quite expensive (around 25 euro one way from the Port to Naoussa), and I’d rather have the flexibility to get about on my own.


There’s a local bus station next to the port in Paroikia so you could use that if the timetables fit your plans. There are still quite a few buses running until the middle of the month (see the posters in the picture).

These are example timetables from the end of October 2023 if you want to visit the various villages later in the month.

Paroikia to Naoussa with returns about 30 minutes later than the times below:

07.25, 09.00, 10.00, 10.40, 11.00, 11.45, 12.10, 13.00, 14.15, 15.00, 16.10, 17.30,18.00, 19.30, 20.00

Paroikia to the villages of Marathi-Kostos-Lefkes-Prodromos-Marmara-Marpissa-Piso Livadi-Logaras-Pountas Beach-Chrysi Akti-Dryos:

07.30, 10.00, 12.10, 14.15, 16.10, 18.00

Getting To and From Paros

Flights to and from Paros’ small airport are easy to find in October, and there are also daily ferries from Athens. As we head towards the low season, it’s just Blue Star running their conventional ships in the early morning and then late afternoon.

From Paros back to Piraeus Port in Athens, the boats run mid-morning and early evening.

If you’re hopping from Santorini, there are one or two services daily and two or three between Naxos and Paros. For other islands like Milos, there are still regular timetabled services, but they’re not daily.

Check the Ferryhopper app for details, but note you can’t see timetables too far in advance.

Here are some other helpful apps for visiting Greece.

Other Greek Islands to Visit in The Fall

As I’ve said, October is a great time to visit Paros. Naxos next door is equally good at this time of year, as is Santorini. You could include Milos in your trip, but allow time to travel if the boats don’t run every day during your dates. 

Athens, of course, is lovely in October and still plenty full of tourists. For more information about these places, use the links in the menu at the top of the page or use the search bar to find what you need.

Paros in October: a Choice Time to Visit Greece

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