Non-Stop in Santorini

I hit the ground running this week and honestly haven’t stopped. It’s been a week of lots of “doing” so I can report back here for you with my various posts.

Plus I’ve been darting about getting specific photos for the site. Honestly, people think I’m nuts. There’s so much beauty in Santorini and folk see me taking pictures of a random quad bike, bus stop or low-flying aeroplanes and give me funny looks.

Anyhoo, it’s all for the greater good so who cares, haha.

Sunset in Oia

This is a good example, actually. I went to get some better sunset pictures from Oia, and half the photos I took were of the crowd and not the sunset (so people can see how busy it gets). Passers-by were wondering what on earth was wrong with me.

Anyway, after that I joined an Oia by night walking tour which was quite good. The village gets really quiet after sunset, so it was nice strolling about without the crowds.

Hiking to Skaros Rock

Later in the week, I hiked out to Skaros Rock as I didn’t include that detour when I did the Caldera Brow hike back in February. Unfortunately, it’s closed for work but I did find a hiking path that goes round the rock.

Behind is a lovely little church that’s a great sunset spot. The path was easy to follow although you still need to go do a load of steps from Imerovigli.

On the way back I went to Argo restaurant which I’d heard was good. I was worried they’d think I looked a bit scruffy since I’d been hiking – it errs on the fine-dining side – but they were really kind and friendly so I’m glad I went.

Santorini Boat Tour

I also tried out one of the famous boat tours as I didn’t get a chance on previous visits. I did the sunset cruise because you know I’m obsessed with sunsets.

I was worried I’d be bored because it was about 6 hours long. But I actually really enjoyed it. We went to the volcano opposite Santorini and hiked up it. Although it’s inactive, you can still see wisps of hot gases coming out of the fumaroles in one of the craters. Kinda cool.

After the volcano, we went round to the other island to swim in the hot springs. We could jump off the boat or climb down the ladder. I was scared of jumping off, but I knew the water would be so cold I wouldn’t make it in from the stairs.

Anyway, jump I did, and the water was really cold. It’s about 17° at this time of year. But I swam quickly towards the red where the warmer water was, and had a nice splash about there. Getting back to the boat wasn’t much fun since we had to swim through the cold again against the tide, but there was nothing else to be done!

We headed to Thirasia island, where I was for the past few weeks. There was another swimming opportunity, but I was the only one daft enough to get back in the water. After that, we had dinner on the boat and then sailed below Oia to watch the sunset.

Hiking and a Monk

I went for a hike up to the monastery although that hadn’t been my intention. Both hikes start the same way, but I was trying to find this cool church in the cliff.

The tiny path for the trail I wanted wasn’t marked, so I’d missed it and followed the other trail. But on my way back down I bumped into a monk picking flowers, and he gave me the right directions.

I really like seeing Santorini from another perspective and love it when I can find quiet spots where there’s no one else even in such a busy place as this. Hiking post coming soon, obvs.

I’m off to catch up on some sleep – see you next week for more!

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