Mykonos to Paros: How to Travel Between the Islands

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The best way to travel between these two whitewashed Greek islands is by ferry since you can do the trip in under 40 minutes. However, if that’s not fast enough or you want the VIP option, you can also take a private helicopter or charter a jet.

Read on to find out how, and be sure to check the additional information below if you’re travelling outside of the summer season.

Taking the Ferry from Mykonos to Paros

This is one of the most popular routes during high season, so it’s well-served on a daily basis by various ferry companies. Those of you daunted by the high-speed vessels will be relieved to know that conventional ferries also cover this route daily.

But you’ll likely manage on either since the travel time is so short.

Arriving at Paros

How Long is the Journey?

Most of the daily connections take 45 minutes. It’s possible to do it in 39 minutes by high-speed ferry. The conventional ferries generally take around 90 minutes, with the slowest option taking around 1 hour 50.

It’s viable to do this as a short day trip. The first ferry gets into the Port of Paros around 10 – 10:30am, depending on the day, and the last ferry normally goes back about 16:30. Some days, you can go back a couple of hours later.

It’s not a huge amount of time, but it will give you long enough to look around Paroikia and perhaps explore Naoussa village, too.

Ferry Timetables and Booking Ferry Tickets

As usual, I recommend using Ferryhopper to book ferry tickets. I pretty much always get my tickets this way because they send an e-ticket and let you track your ships. Since Seajets provides many of the daily ferries, it’s a useful tool! (No offence, Seajets.)

Economy ticket prices range from about 29 – 60 euros. You can upgrade for an additional fee. And of course, if you’re taking a car rather than just travelling as a foot passenger, you’ll pay more again.

Ferry timetables are often published quite close to the departure dates, especially in the off-season.

Mykonos-Paros ferry schedule on Ferryhopper for a date in July

Getting Cheap Ferry Tickets

Like the route from Santorini to Mykonos, this is a popular journey between two popular and expensive islands. (Paros is less expensive, but I wouldn’t describe it as a cheap Greek island these days.)

​The only way to get cheap tickets is if you choose the slower option. However, the ferry routes provided by the cheaper SOAS company are less frequent. So you might decide to pay for the convenience of the faster, more regular options.

Check ferry ticket prices and schedules on Ferryhopper.

Can I Book Tickets at the Last Minute?

It’s unlikely you’ll find a day without any tickets available at all. (With possibly the exception of the odd days around public holidays like Easter and the Fifteenth of August.)

However, I do see some of the smaller ships filling up so it’s a good idea to book your tickets as soon as you’re able to. If not, you might have to amend your plans a bit to fit with the available ferries.

High-Speed and Conventional Ferries

Seajets have several of their high-speed ferries travelling this route every day in peak season. In addition, you’ll see ferry operators Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries on the schedule, along with the odd SOAS ferry.

On board Seajets’ Power Jet

If you particularly want a conventional ferry, book with Fast Ferries on either the Andros or Theologos. P. or SAOS on the slower Saonisos.

Generally, the larger the vessel, the smoother the ferry ride. However they can still be affected, see below.

Do Ferries Ever Get Cancelled?

The ferry journey depends on the weather conditions and ferry type. As long as the ship can dock safely, the ferry service will go ahead.

Obviously, the larger, conventional ferries are more stable than the smallest of the high-speed ferries. So, on the same day, you might have a different travel experience than someone else, depending on the type of vessel you’ve booked.

The ferries always try and run if there’s a chance they can arrive safely. Strong winds and changeable weather is more likely to affect travel plans during the off-season. But ferries are sometimes cancelled during the summer months, too. 

Sometimes, even the larger ferries are affected, as you can see from the news article below.

The ship was the Saonisos which covers the route from Mykonos to Paros

I’m not trying to fearmonger. The passengers only got minor injuries. It’s the same as if you’re standing up and there’s turbulence on a plane, I guess. So if it is a bit bumpy when you travel just take care when you’re moving about and getting read to depart.

Which Port Do The Ferries Leave from Mykonos?

Nowadays, all ferries arrive and depart from the new port of Tourlos, which is the main port of Mykonos. It’s much further out of Mykonos Town than the Old Port, so leave enough time to get there.

🚏 There’s information in this post about getting around the island of Mykonos.

Arriving into Paros

Getting off the ship at Paros ferry port you’ll find yourself in the main town of Paroikia. There’s a taxi rank directly outside the port gates, and you’re next door to the bus station. Public buses in Paros are cheap and could be helpful depending on where you’re staying.

Taxis at the port in Paros

There are also several car rental companies on the same street if you’ve booked a car.

Beyond the port, you’ll quickly find yourself amongst the town’s narrow streets, boutiques and eateries.

💙See this post for ideas of things to do in Paroikia and the rest of Paros.

Private Helicopter Transfer

You can take a private helicopter ride from Mykonos to Paros from around 1300 euro for two people. Prices between the two islands vary based on the type of helicopter and the number of passengers. Some take up to six passengers for the 15-minute transfer over the Aegean Sea.

See Santorini Day Tours and Viator (summer season until 31st October only) for more information.

Private Jet

Ifly runs the Cycladic project with flights between the Cyclades Islands. The small planes can accommodate up to 12 passengers with a small and light bag inside the cabin. The hold can take suitcases up to 23kg per person but double-check the dimensions.

Shoulder and Off-Season Travel

If you’re island-hopping between November and March, you normally have to slow down your travel or stick to islands on the same ferry route (or take a private jet).

After the peak months, the number of daily departures decreases. By the end of October, the ferry schedules only have two crossings each day. After that, there aren’t usually any ferries operating on direct routes.

🩵October’s a pleasant time to visit Paros so have a read.

I personally wouldn’t recommend visiting Mykonos during the winter anyway; it isn’t up to much. Most of the shops in Mykonos town and the resorts cater for tourists and close at the end of the season. You can’t even get a boat to take you over to see Delos island.

🧿 Discover Mykonos between November and March if you’re still really keen to visit during these months.

Mykonos in March

Useful Information and Travel Tips for the Islands

For general info about travelling in Greece, see my post about my afavourite travel apps and this one about renting a car in Greece.

For more activities on these islands, read about these short, pretty walks in Paros and see why you have to do a day trip to Delos Island.

Mykonos to Paros: How to Travel Between the Islands

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