Greece Skydiving: Tandem Skydive Or Indoor Wind Tunnel

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So you’ve decided you want to go skydiving on your visit to Greece. (Or not, you can chicken out and do an indoor version like I did. Read about my bucket list adventure further down the page)

There are a few different places in Athens and Thessaloniki where you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or come back for more if you’re an experienced skydiver. So read on to find out about the various skydiving centres in Greece and how to get to them.


First time indoor skydiving. No.22 now ticked off the 50-before-50 bucket list. Well, technically it was outdoors but it was in the wind tunnel not from a plane! #bucketlistideas #50before50 #skydivingfun #indoorskydive

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All these places are a fair distance from Athens city centre for obvious reasons. The journeys are absolutely doable for a day trip, though.

SkyDive Attica

Skydive Attica is where I did my indoor skydive since it’s the only skydiving centre in Greece with a wind tunnel. It’s about a forty-minute drive from Athens and about the same from the Corinth Canal. If you’re heading on to Corinth, then it’s definitely an easy stop along the way.

You can get the train to Nea Peramos station from Athens (Larissa Station) or Pireaus if you’d prefer public transport. Although personally, I’m staying off trains, even the suburban ones, at the moment.

If you’re looking for the maximum adrenaline boost then you can book to do a tandem skydive out of a plane. The experience lasts about three hours and you’ll be attached to a qualified instructor. The max weight here for tandem jumps is 100kg.

You jump from 12000 feet and freefall at 200km per hour for about 60 seconds. Then you can enjoy the scenery for about ten minutes until you land at the drop zone. The cost is 200 euro, and you can choose to add on photos and videos too.

If you know you already love skydiving then you can train to do solo jumps at this site, too.

Skydive Greece

This skydiving spot is right next door to the one above, so you can use the same information to get there. They have similar opening times to Attica, being open on Friday afternoons, weekends and national holidays.

The tandem skydives at Skydive Greece cost 199 euro (with a portion going to the Make a Wish charity), and you’ll jump from 12000 feet. This centre accepts people weighing up to 95kg.

If you’ve already completed your first flight and want to do the AFF course to become a skydiver, they offer it. And if you’re already a sports skydiver, you can rent kit and buy a jump ticket to jump alone.

The instructors here have many years of experience, and at this location, you get to free fall with views of the Saronic Islands of Salamina and Aegina as well as Pireaus Port.

Skydive Athens

Most places recommend a light meal before you jump. Since you’re usually at the field for a while, taking a packed lunch might be sensible.

Like the other centres, Skydive Athens offers tandem skydiving, training to become a skydiver through the AFF course and tickets and packages for experienced divers.

If it’s your first jump and you’re going for the tandem option (with an experienced instructor, of course) you can choose between jumping from either 8000 or 14000 feet. Either way, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Prices start from 200 euro, and again, you can relive the thrill of skydiving in Greece with additional photo and video packages.

This location takes divers who way up to 115kg although you’ll pay an extra fee if you’re over 100kg.

Skydive Athens is around 90km from Athens, and it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to drive, depending on where you’re leaving from in the city. If you’re heading to Delphi it’s an easy stopping point.

You can also get a K.T.E.L public bus from K.T.E.L Liosion (Bus Terminal B) and then a taxi for the last part.

The easiest way to get there is to use the centre’s dedicated shuttle which will takes you door to door on a round trip. All the details are on the website.


Skydive Thessaloniki

If you’re staying closer to Thessaloniki, this will be the best place for you. The centre is based at Chortero Airport, about 95km northeast of the city. It takes just over an hour to drive there, depending on exactly where you’re leaving from.

Their tandem dive costs 235 euro, and you can add on the cost of a handycam video, too.

Like the centres in Athens, you can also book to do a static line jump, your first AFF jump with two instructors and buy a ticket to jump with your own equipment.

Who Can Go Tandem Skydiving?

Check with the centre you pick in case they tell you anything different. But normally, anyone in good health and fitness who’s over the age of 18 and under around 100kg can do the tandem jump.

Some places take children, but in that case under 18’s will need written parental permission.

You don’t need any kind of prior experience since you’re just strapped into a special harness with someone who knows what they’re doing!

What To Know Before You Go

There are a couple of things to bear in mind.

  • Your body weight needs to be below a certain threshold. It’s usually around the 100kg/220lbs mark, but in some places, the maximum is 95kg, and some places go up to 115kg. Check before you book if you’re on the cusp.
  • If you’re into adventure sports and are going scuba diving on the same trip to Greece, you should leave 24 hours before skydiving.

What To Wear Skydiving

You don’t need anything fancy to go indoor or outdoor skydiving, so there’s nothing special you need to pack if you’re considering doing this in Greece.

You want to wear something fairly close-fitting that will go under your jumpsuit. I went in January and wore a pair of leggings and a fitted long-sleeved top.

You need to be in something comfortable that’s not too restrictive and appropriate for the weather when you go. Most people wear things like:

  • shorts
  • t-shirt
  • jeans
  • sweatshirt

Probably the most important thing is closed-toe shoes. But the trainers / simple athletic shoes that you’ll likely have with you are perfect. Other than that, tie your hair back and take off anything loose like jewellery, and you should be all set.

It’s a good idea to double-check with your chosen centre when you book in case they have any other advice.

Can I Go Skydiving in Santorini Greece?

No, there are no skydiving centres in Santorini. See the options higher in this post for alternative options in Greece.

What Is Indoor Skydiving Like?

I booked this unique experience as part of my 50-before-50 list and chose the first-timer’s 2-flight option.

I booked and paid online through a third company and then just showed up at the centre at the timeslot I’d chosen. SkyDive Attica is the company I used, and they have the first skydiving wind tunnel in Greece.

Suiting Up and Flight Briefing

We were given jumpsuits and helmets to wear, although it took three tries to find me a suit that fit. I don’t think they were designed with women in mind.

The flight suit with handles on the legs and back

After being kitted up in these highly attractive suits, we headed to another space and met another instructor who would be in the wind tunnel with us. He took us through a safety briefing and introduction of what to expect.

The instructor taught us the body position we were aiming for and three hand signals he might use to direct us.

I was surprised that we were taught to keep our legs straight. Our arms had to be bent out in front of us like I’ve seen in pictures and videos before. But normally, the people I’ve seen have had their legs bent up at the knee.

I think the smaller you make yourself, the less stable you are. So, we were going for maximum surface area. The other thing we were told was to remember to keep our heads up. Stops you going in for a roll I suppose!

Floor of the wind tunnel

I was second to go. Before getting into the tunnel, the instructor had me stand in the position we were to fly in. Then my visor went down, and I stepped into the tunnel.

I was a bit worried about stepping onto the metal mesh floor in case it wouldn’t hold. But of course, it was fine. As soon as you go into the tunnel, the wind hits you, even though it’s not at full speed. The automatic door closed as I went in and I stood in the flying position.

Last Checks And Into The Tunnel

Once we were suitably briefed, we climbed the steep steps to the tunnel platform and recapped the instructions.

I was the second person to go. Before getting into the tunnel, the instructor had me stand in the position we were to fly in. Then my visor went down, and I stepped into the tunnel.

As soon as you go in, the wind hits you, even though it’s not at full speed. The automatic door closed as I went into the tunnel, and I stood in the flying position.

Skydiving In The Wind Tunnel

I heard the wind increase, and the instructor put his hands below my torso. To start with, I didn’t like the noise and force of the wind. But I quickly got used to it and started to tip forward.

As I did, the wind caught me, and I was floating. The instructor supported me until I was steady enough to let go. From the video, I can see I went careering off a bit when he did. I think we all did at first. Then he grabbed me by the suit (it comes with handles on the side) and got me steady again.

After a moment, I worked out what I needed to do and got the hang of things. I think the other instructor increased the wind flow at the same time. Probably I’m a bit heavier than they guestimated and needed a bit more oomph to get me up.

Getting A Workout

It’s physically quite hard work to hold yourself in position, though. I couldn’t keep my body straight, and I bent like a banana. I’m not sure whether that’s what’s supposed to happen!

My arms got a real workout. You have to push against the resistance of the wind to keep them in place. All the while, the wind is hitting your throat. That’s the right thing to feel, but it was uncomfortable sometimes.

The flight times seem short when you book. But when you’re actually doing it, it’s quite a long time. Apparently, in the tunnel, you freefall for at least twice the time you would from a plane. Our freefalls were 16000ft / 90 seconds, and I was ready to come down when I did.

Would I Do It Again?

Overall, it was a fun experience. However, I didn’t expect it to be as hard work to hold myself in the position needed. Or that the tunnel would be as narrow. I’d anticipated feeling freer. You have to manoeuvre back and forth a bit when your hands and feet touch the edges.

I expected it to be a really thrilling experience. But it wasn’t quite as exhilarating as I thought. Although we were outside in the countryside, I didn’t really get a sense of freefalling and enjoying the scenery since I was concentrating so hard on my body position.

I’m not sure I’d do the wind tunnel again, but I might actually be brave enough now to do the real thing.

How Does It Compare To Real Skydiving?

Obviously, I don’t have experience with this myself. However, the instructor told us that doing a tandem jump is different because you don’t have to manoeuvre yourself or hold your body in position. You’re strapped to a professional who’s doing all the work. And you’re literally just along for the ride.

More Fun Things to Do in Greece

If you like staying active then consider also booking scuba diving or kayaking while you’re in Greece. I’ve done MBT biking tours along the Athens Riviera and in Thirassia, opposite Santorini, which are fun things to do, too.

Greece Skydiving: Tandem Skydive Or Indoor Wind Tunnel

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