Goats on the Roof

This week we made it to Andros to get caught up. I was here back in October/November, and it’s great to see the island in Spring.

I had to go via Athens to get here so I did 7 hours on Blue Star Delos from Santorini to Piraeus. I like to get a cabin for long journeys like that. I have space to sprawl out and can take my mask off. It always goes much faster than having to sit in a chair for the whole time.

When I got to Athens, I had a few bits of life admin to do before collecting the cats. Oh, and I gratefully received another hotel room upgrade.

Another Step Closer to Bucket List Item No. 37

Sounds exciting, but it was really just a trip to the dentist. I had to get some old fillings changed and had a 2-hour appointment. I hated it but needs must. I have one more similar appointment next week, and then they can take impressions for my braces. I think it will all be worth it in the end.

Fast Ferries

I collected the cats from the kennels, and we headed to Rafina port for the two-hour trip to Andros. I was on a Fast Ferries ferry that I hadn’t been on before, the Theologos P. It’s one of the slower, conventional-type boats, and I just sat in the general seating area by reception. The team were really friendly and came over to see the cats in their boxes.

Happy Cats

My cats are so incredibly happy in the place we’re at just now. There are no dogs or any other cats around, which is quite unusual in Greece, so they have a lovely garden to themselves.

The last place we stayed in Santorini, I ended up keeping them indoors. So with the kennels stay, it’s been a while since they could come and go as they please.

Goats on the Roof

The first night I was here, I woke up to strange noises on the roof. In my sleepy, disorientated state, I couldn’t work out what was going on. The air con people were coming in the morning, and I thought they’d come early and were prepping something up there.

As I woke up a bit more, I registered it was a four-legged creature, not a two-legged one. I realised there was a goat up there. Such is life in a Greek village!

Anyway, there were a few in the garden when I woke up properly. The kids were more curious than the proverbial cat. Jemima Puddleduck didn’t quite know what to think when one came right up to the glass to study her while she was lounging about on the window sill.

But soon, they were all acquainted, and I had various creatures sleeping on the wall or climbing the fig trees.

By the evening, all their friends had joined them, and my host had to get their owner to come and retrieve them. I thought the goats were quite entertaining, but I understood his point that it would get a bit stale after another day or two. Plus, they left droppings all over the lawn.

I did have an amusing evening watching the owner chase the goats around the garden. The words “herding cats” come to mind. But in the end, she succeeded and keeping the gate closed has kept them off the property since.

Getting Settled

The rest of this week has been shopping, a bit of cleaning and getting the house organised the way I want it for my stay. I managed to get a couple of new posts out, so have a look at them, and I’ll see you next week.

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