Best Spas In Santorini For Relaxation And Wellness

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Want to know the best spa in Santorini to top off your beautiful holiday/ vacation with a gorgeous treatment or wellness experience?

If you’re not sure which is the best spa in Santorini to choose for a bit of luxurious self-care then let me help you out. I’ve tried and tested a number of sports on Santorini. The results are here for you.

All of the spas I recommend are part of hotels that include the modern amenities you’d expect, such as:

  • free wifi
  • room service (at an extra charge)
  • air conditioning
  • private terrace
  • safety deposit box
  • flat-screen TV
  • wonderful breakfast
  • concierge to arrange wine tastings of the local wine, other island trips and advice on the best places to sample some traditional Greek dishes.

So if you want to go the whole hog and book a stay and not just treatments then go for it.

1. Santo Pure (was Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spa ) Greece’s Best Resort Spa

The spa at Santo Maris luxury hotel has recently been rebranded as Santo Pure. It makes the top spot but there’s a caveat. You can only use the Anassa Spa at Santa Maris Santorini Santo Pure if you’re actually staying in the hotel.

I didn’t realise it was solely for hotel guests until I tried to book an appointment. So it’s the one spa on this list that I haven’t personally tried. But I’ve still put it in first place because the team are 4-time winners of Greece’s Best Resort Spa at the World Spa Awards and I can’t really argue with that.


I love the inspiration and philosophy behind their Live Well Through Nature Philosophy. It comes from the Ancient Greek understanding that there’s a strong connection between wellness of the body, mind, soul, and human behaviour and the surrounding natural environment.

So, if you’re looking for a wonderful experience of health and wellness on the island of Santorini then this five-star accommodation is the ideal place to look at.


Santo Maris Pure and their award-winning spa is just a five-minute walk from central Oia and the wellness facilities spill out beyond the spa.

Although not based on the caldera, many of the suites still have breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. While you don’t get caldera views you can still see the sunset from some of the suites.

But the biggest pull is the holistic, luxurious experience they present for you to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.


As a hotel guest, you get to choose a villa or suite that allows you to stay in perfect harmony with your wellness goals.

Oh, and at the World Travel Awards in 2021 the Suites won the World’s Leading Boutique Resort, Europe’s Leading Boutique Resort and Greece’s Leading Island Villas awards so you know they’ve thought of every detail.

Ready to take your indulgence and wellbeing to a new level? Then book the Santo Wellness Junior Suite Private Pool – 4-night stay

When you book one of these suites you’re signing up for the Relax and Recharge package which amongst other things includes:

  • a combination of natural amenities and outdoor activities to destress and rebalance.a complimentary spa treatment
  • in-suite yoga and meditation
  • private pool with hydromassage
  • a healthily stocked mini-bar

In terms of wellness, you could also choose a Santo Maris Pure Oia Luxury Suites and Spa villa. They aren’t part of the Relax and Recharge Package and there’s not a minimum night stay requirement.

But they do have a private gym and a private sauna. Plus you can opt for in-room spa treatments and yoga classes if you don’t want to leave your space.

The other great thing about the villas is they have a sunset and sea view which you can enjoy from your private pool.

2. Evexia Spa at Andronis Arcadia

Evexia Spa is the luxury spa at Andronis Arcadia Hotel and the biggest in Santorini. The Evexia approach is simple; “we embrace you and your entire well-being as highly unique…”.

Their offerings revolve around their key pillars of wellness: Be Destressed, Be Rested, Be Balanced.

Evexia also acknowledges the naturally restorative infrared energy that comes from the island being on the Hellenic Volcanic Arc.

So much thought has gone into their whole philosophy.

What Makes the Spa Unique

  • Hair Profiling Test – gives you a snapshot of your overall wellbeing so you can make a plan of treatments and therapies to support you
  • Flexbeam Approach Add-On – “a therapeutic device that uses red and infrared light to stimulate your body’s natural self-healing process by boosting energy and improving microcirculation”
  • Kneipp Pools – a signature ritual through specially designed L-shaped pools designed to increase lymph and blood circulation (good for the immune system, healing and removing waste products). This is available as a full session or an add-on.
  • Ila Beyond Organic Product Range – I just love the philosophy behind Ila and the fact they call themselves a heart care brand. The products are “designed to promote palpable biological and emotional change in those that experience them – both through touch and smell. Because what we put on our skin directly nourishes and calms our heart”.

The Beautiful Spa Area

The spa building is towards the end of the resort, next to one of its numerous restaurants. It has four double treatment rooms, a yoga studio, a small gym and lovely sea views. I caught a glimpse of the fitness center as I walked to the treatment room and it looked very airy and lovely.

For after the treatment, there’s a relaxation room with ample space for everyone who could be using the spa. It has an open front/ sun terrace so you have great views as you relax.

If you’re interested in the hotel itself, all the rooms have a private outdoor pool and spectacular views of the sunset. And in terms of getting there, the hotel is just a short walk from the centre of Oia and has easy access by car.

There’s a dedicated hotel car park so if you’re using the spa you don’t need to get stressed about finding a parking spot nearby.

3. Alleys Boutique & Spa Hotel

This is a relatively new hotel in Santorini located in Pyrgos, a lovely traditional village in the centre of the island.

It’s a boutique hotel within walking distance of the centre, where all guests get a private hot tub.

Spa Facilities

The website mentions a fully-equipped gym but I didn’t see it during my visit to the spa. I assume that’s only available if you’re staying in the hotel.

Luckily their spa is open to non-guests and I really enjoyed my experience here. The spa facilities are still all shiny and new. There’s a big double whirlpool, sauna and hammam/ steam room.

In the room with the whirlpool, there’s a seating area in the form of a lovely mosaic-tiled heated bench. It’s a great place to chill after a heat treatment.

Spa Treatments

The Alleys Spa website has a minimalist menu of massage treatments including the following massages:

  • Alleys’ Simple Massage – a medium-pressure massage designed to rejuvenate you
  • Couples Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Volcanic Hot Stone Massage
  • Greek Olive Oil Massage
  • Anti-Stress Massage
  • Foot Massage

When I visited they offered me a printed spa menu and it had a few extra treatments I believe.

I chose the hot stone massage and I like that treatments include the use of the spa facilities for 30 minutes. It was all lovely but the only thing I’d change was the jacuzzi temperature.

Although technically it’s a heated pool it was a bit on the cool side for me in May, probably under 35 degrees. I’ve found that’s fairly typical in Greece and in the summer it’s probably quite refreshing

But overall I came out of the spa feeling really relaxed and looked-after. The reception team at the hotel front desk and my therapist in the spa were all very friendly and professional and my massage was good too. I really recommend Alleys as a petite, boutique spa. It was the best hotel spa I used in terms of the wet area.

The hotel would be fab for romantic retreats and they offer loads of add-ons like flowers or a bottle of champagne in the rooms for special occasions.

Yet to Try

Cancaves Oia Suites Spa

One Santorini spa hotel that has come up a few times that I’ve yet to try is Canaves Oia Suites. I’ve seen mixed reviews about the Suites Spa and I’m not actually 100% sure if this particular Santorini spa is for guests only.

Santorini Spas That Didn’t Make the Cut

Between Oia and Fira town along the Caldera in Imerovigli were three other hotels that I tried.

Santorini Princess Hotel

This is a really nice hotel with splendid views of the caldera and the loveliest team who don’t want you to lift a finger during your stay. While I was a guest I used the spa. I’ve nothing really bad to say just that my treatment was pretty average.

The spa was the cave style that I mention below with a treatment room off to the side. It’s pleasant enough if you’re staying there but the three above are a much more luxurious spa experience.

I definitely recommend the hotel itself though.

Pegasus Suites and Spa – Rude & Unempathetic Team Members

I had high hopes for Heaven Spa at Pegasus Suites and Spa luxury five-star hotel, perched in its idyllic location on the caldera cliffs at Imerovigli.

The Hotel

Open during the summer season from May until October they have delicious-sounding suites and villas. Like the Angels Infinity Pool Suite where you can watch the sunset from your private pool. And Stars Plunge Pool Villa with its heated plunge pool and hot tub.

The website also mentions their fitness centre but I didn’t see it within the spa area.

The Spa Menu

The menu had lovely-sounding beauty treatments:

  • Scrubs, masks and wraps ( the Greek Thermal Mud Treatment sounds divine)
  • Rituals like Lava Massage, Royal Honey, Chocolate and Detox
  • Facial and Face Massage
  • Massage – Back, Neck and Head, Deep Tissue, Foot and Leg, Aromatherapy and the signature Pegasus Relaxing Massage with warm olive and essential oil

However, my experience was not at all what I was expecting from a wellness centre in a five-star, luxury hotel. I loved the online booking facility and took my time choosing the treatment I wanted: a facial massage.

However, there were real discrepancies between the treatments available to book online (and their prices) and the menu the spa team are actually working off.

It caused confusion at the start of my treatment and I was pushed into choosing something else because the therapist didn’t recognise the treatment I’d booked.

Comments Not Welcome!

At the end, I went to point this out to reception because I ended up having a facial rather than a face massage and the whole mess-up could have been avoided. But despite the treatment menu saying comments are welcomed, they weren’t at all.

The reception team didn’t listen to me at all and were really rude. They told me I didn’t know what a facial/facial massage was, then they said I hadn’t read the description properly when I booked. (I had, which is why there was confusion)

They also said the printed prices on facial treatments were for guests which is why the treatment was priced higher online for non-guests. Although that only seemed to be for the particular treatment I booked and not the one actually had…Honestly, it felt like they were making things up as they went along.

Treatment Quality

Aside from all that, the treatment itself was sloppy, and again not on par with a 5-star experience. Sopping wet tissues were used to take off the products and water dripped in my eyes, ears and down my neck which I hate.

Plus it wasn’t really effective and the exfoliator stayed on my face so it felt like I had about 5 scrubs in a row. The therapist just plonked her hands on and off my face so I literally jumped a couple of times. Just not a good experience all-round.

Other things I didn’t like was that the toilet/shower was directly opposite reception and I could see/be seen through the glass door and the pool and steam room were in the reception area.

I didn’t end up staying for my booked time in the spa area because I felt stressed after my treatment. But it looked like it would have been kind of awkward sitting in the pool being watched by two team members.

Avaton Resort – Unwelcoming Therapists

Avaton Spa at Avaton Resort was another experience I was expecting to love and just didn’t at all.

This luxury resort of elegant rooms is also set in Imerovigli. It’s just at the edge of the village with panoramic views of the caldera. When I visited the Aegean sun was shining down on the traditional Cycladic architecture and I could see fantastic views between the buildings.

Like many other hotels on the caldera, there’s a private swimming pool outside for hotel guests. In the spa, there’s an indoor pool described as being for swimming but it’s really not at all big enough for swimming.

The hotel receptionists I conversed back and forth with were super friendly and helpful. It set the tone I expected for this sort of hotel. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a great deal of luxury involved in my spa experience and I didn’t enjoy the Avaton Spa for several reasons:

The spa therapist was not all friendly. There was no warmth towards me at all. She didn’t smile, she didn’t introduce herself and by the time I lay down on the couch I didn’t want the treatment as it was really clear the therapist didn’t want to treat me.

Poor Quality Therapy

Her treatment quality was sloppy. Like at Pegasus the therapist used soggy tissues to remove the products and water got in my eyes and ears. Yuck. Plus the same plonking on of hands and covering my nose so I couldn’t breathe. No gentle easing for the nervous system here!

The treatment structure itself was really basic and not luxurious. I was left for 20 minutes while the mask was on and I got completely bored. Other more premium spas would have included something like a foot, hand or scalp massage in that time. Plus the therapist would have let me know they were leaving the room and when they’d be back.

I’d consider staying in the hotel here but I wouldn’t go back to the spa.

What to Know About Spas in Santorini

From my experience, it seems quite common for the spa area of hotels to be set in a cavernous space. (That’s in keeping with the style of the caldera hotels.) And they have the reception within the pool area.

I didn’t love that and one of the things I liked about Alleys was that the spa facilities were private and not overlooked.

In that kind of set-up, the treatment / massage room was a semi-curtained off space to one side. It doesn’t seem that private. Although, on each visit I had the space was booked out solely for my use so it was only me and other spa team members.

Also, be aware that the steam is often referred to as a hammam. But it’s not the same steam baths / hammam experience with scrub and massage that you might get somewhere like Turkey. It’s literally just a steam room, perhaps alongside a sauna and/or jetted pool.

The Best Spa in Santorini

So to recap, stay at Santo Pure Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites – Greece’s Best Resort Spa if you can. Otherwise, pick a treatment or two at Evexia Spa or Alleys Spa for a really quality experience.

Continue Your Relaxation in Santorini

If wellness is your goal during your Greek vacation then continue relaxing outside of the spa. If you book a luxury hotel you’ll probably have a variety of lovely features like a swimming pool, fitness center, private jacuzzi and the like. You wouldn’t need to move at all!

But if you’re up for venturing further afield head to some of the beaches on the island.

You can continue relaxing at some of the fancy beach clubs like Seaside and 41FortyOne.

Best Spas In Santorini For Relaxation And Wellness

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