A Holiday in Santorini

This week felt like a bit of a marathon, but I made it!

My last week in Santorini (for now) was full and I allowed myself just to do the things and save the writing for the coming weeks. I’ve committed to looking after my mental health and staying sane; something had to give. So, a brief and very belated weekly update today.

After leaving Santorini, I’m really looking forward to being in one spot for a bit again. It’s nice to get into a routine and have some rest (mentally as much as physically). I booked into the lovely Santorini Princess hotel for one night and enjoyed being looked after by a team who didn’t want me to lift a finger!

Winery Tour

I did have great fun this week, though. I tried out a wine tour that ended up being me and four couples. It was actually hilarious, and we tried A LOT of wines.

The tour took us to three different wineries, and we had several samples at each place. We also had small tasting menus, and we finished the night with the sunset view from Santo Winery.

Kayaking Trip

Another tour I did was a real highlight of my trip. I went kayaking around some of the beaches and it was so much fun.

I wasn’t sure my arms would manage, but it was fine and I had no aches the next day. We also got to do some snorkelling. The water’s still cold, but I was really fascinated by the sea life. We stopped at a place where the water goes from being able to see the bottom to a big drop off into the deep blue. It was amazing!

Inside a sea cave on my Santorini kayak adventure

Akrotiri Ancient Site

Akrotiri is called the Pompeii of Greece, and I finally visited it this week. It’s really interesting to find out about the advanced civilisation that lived there. It’s quite mindblowing what they built in prehistoric times. Plus, it’s fascinating to see how the effects of the volcano tie into what you can see around the island today.

Part of Akrotiri Ancient Site

Loose Ends Tied Up

I just about got everything else finished that I wanted to do this trip. There are a couple of bits and pieces to do next visit. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants I didn’t get round to trying. But I’m happy with what I managed.

Now it’s time to write everything up to help you with your planning if Santorini’s on your list.

Weather in May

People always ask about the weather in the shoulder seasons. And I must mention that one day was rainy and miserable even this late into May. A couple of others were really windy.

But luckily Akrotiri’s enclosed in a bioclimatic space so you can enjoy it whatever the weather. Plus there are a few museums in Fira as well as the Lost Atlantis Experience and the Tomato Industrial Museum.

So as long as you pack a jumper and maybe a light jacket, you’ll be fine.

Santorini White Beach shrouded in mist


Apart from those few days, the weather really picked up, and people were out on the beaches. I managed to get to some of the ones I hadn’t visited yet and check out the beach bars for an upcoming post.

Washing, Packing and Travel Arrangements

Other than all that, this week has been about trying to get my washing done, packing up and sorting logistics for the next leg.

I have a long trip up to Athens on the ferry to collect the cats and visit the dentist again (yippee!).

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